Governments [US and Israeli] Use [lying] Military Personnel to Justify Killing, by Charles E. Carlson


Tom Usher wrote or added | I wrote before about this huge liar going around the US making asinine statement such as Israel "never used white phosphorus" against the Gazans. This senior military officer of the Israeli Defense Force, Col. Bentzion Gruber, is a war-criminal, psy-ops propagandist for the racist Zionist Project.

Where are the Tea Partiers who complain about "illegal" immigrants from Mexico when it comes time to wonder how this Gruber was allowed to enter the US? It's an insult to America that American police were used to usher out peaceful Americans who challenged this liar with facts.

It's time America stopped supporting the evil Zionist Project. No more money and no more weapons or other support should go to Israel. Israel is worse than was the racist Apartheid Regime of South Africa.

The Zionists must get off the Palestinians backs and return the land stolen by violence. There can be no two-state solution now. Zionists went way too far and still refuse to repent of their wicked deeds.

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