GPS tracker with Microphone for Children [including teenagers], by Mark Dice

GPS tracker with Microphone for Children [including teenagers], by Mark Dice

Tom Usher wrote or added | What will the parents or state do if the child doesn't go along with this, beat the child into submission, perform brain surgery, hypnotize the child, implant it when the child doesn't know, ...?

You know that children are going to put up a fight and come up with utterly ingenious ways of defeating these truly Orwellian measures.

How much to these devices cost? Kids will swap them and laugh. They'll leave them places. They'll throw them on trucks. They'll nuke them, hammer them, lose them, etc. They'll get bug detectors. All sorts of things will happen. What won't happen through these devices is society getting to the point where humans stop doing evil to each other. Over doing these things will simply compound the confusion and further dumb-down individuals.

It's understandable that parents might want reasonably to monitor babies and toddlers. Some monitoring has proven lifesaving. However, teenagers have to have more and more autonomy as they age not only for sanity's sake but to prepare them for adulthood. Unfortunately, the "state" under the guise of democracy, has taken it upon itself to overstep, to strip adults of their very adultness.

There is a place at which giving up individuality for the sake of so-called safety and security becomes a gross negative. It is vastly superior (if the comparison can even be made) that people come to righteousness without any coercive attempts upon them by others than it is for others to attempt to legislate coercive measures against those who by their confusion, often a direct result of the overbearing state, overstep the bounds of righteousness.

It is better to be "dead" of the flesh than really dead, which is absent the spirit of righteousness that is both truth and wisdom and all the rest of the good.

Also, see my comment update.

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