Exclusive Interview With Omer Al-Ansari, leader of Gaza's Army Of Islam - Ma'an | Eurasia Review

Exclusive Interview With [Omer Al-Ansari, leader of] Gaza's Army Of Islam - Ma'an | Eurasia Review

Tom Usher wrote or added | "(Ma'an) 'Salafism is not only in Gaza, it is all over Palestine and needs no license to practice in the heart of Tel Aviv or in Washington,' Jaish Al-Islam (Army of Islam) leader Omer Al-Ansari told Ma'an during an exclusive interview on Wednesday."

This Omer Al-Ansari is exactly the Muslim type that the neocons describe as the problem. To the general Western world, he makes Hamas look good.

I'm a Christian, and Al-Ansari mentioned two types of Christians in Palestine: "There are the ones who are good, who cause no problems for the community. They will always be protected. But there are the ones who drink alcohol and spread prostitution. Those are the ones targeted and rejected from Gaza."

Now, Jesus drank wine, so that's a problem. Real Christians though never engage in prostitution.

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