For show, House & Senate Israel-Firsters demand Obama put Israel first. - THE INTERNET POST

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "The above [listed in the post] 37 members of Congress [all Israel-Firsters], voted into office by AMERICAN voters and paid and supported by AMERICAN taxpayers, need to be shown the door because America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third. At this time of national crisis, nobody in government should indulge the luxury of solving Israel's problems, let alone forcing the AMERICAN taxpayers to pay for it all!"

Obama has agreed to fund hundreds of millions more in protecting Israel even while he is engaged in doing what he's told in other ways as well, such as shutting his mouth about the illegal construction projects and war crimes and crimes against humanity, etc., all perpetrated by the Zionists against the nearly defenseless Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian.

Obama is not better than George W. Bush, and Bush-43 was terrible.

Tom Usher

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