Why ask when you aren't interested in real answers? "Is a Giant Mosque at Ground Zero Justified?"

Why ask when you aren't interested in real answers? "Is a Giant Mosque at Ground Zero Justified?"

Tom Usher wrote or added | Before we do all that, let's have a thorough, real investigation concerning the who, what, where, when, and why of everything surrounding the crime of 9/11. Let's have real crime investigators with carte blanche check out everyone in the Bush administration concerning all the unanswered questions and with full powers to read every document anywhere in any archive with "national security" and "state secrets" being zero barriers to those independent investigators.

Let's also revisit the Goldstone Report in all its glorious truth-telling about the war crimes of the Zionists and then consider any Muslim sense of outrage and falling to violence, if they were even the master minds behind 9/11, which I seriously doubt. Let's not forget Sabra and Shatila. Let's not forget the Nakba.

Regardless, there has been a 9/11 cover-up. There was US and US-ally facilitation at the very least. We know the neocons were all over it ready with plans in hand to attack the predetermined so-called "Axis of Evil." It sounds like the same people who came up with the Nazi name "Homeland Security" came up with "Axis of Evil": all the "enemies of the Zionists.

This "rabbi" is insane. He's a hyper-Zionist, an Israel-Firster. By the way, Mohammed did say to "kill in the way of Allah." Of course there are plenty of God-twisting Zionist rabbis who tell the IDF to kill, kill, kill the inferiors.

This rabbi says to consult the victims' families. Well, consult the Jersey Girls who were blown off by the neocon Zionists in the Bush administration who stonewalled the 9/11 Commission that turned out to be a major farce.

Listen, there are family members of victims who think that nothing should have been built again on the spot. I know I wouldn't have built anything like what's going up.

This guy is just so utterly Zionist-centered that he can't get out of his own way.

Real Christians haven't forgotten that the Talmudists demanded that the Romans rid them of that meddlesome Jesus Christ. Those Talmudist have yet to repent of it. Maybe there should be no Talmudist synagogues anywhere near ground zero or anywhere else for that matter, or maybe this Zionist rabbi should stop with the false propaganda — lies.

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