This is hogwash: "Liberals Freaking Out About Rand Paul Untouchable Topic"

This is hogwash: "Liberals Freaking Out About Rand Paul Untouchable Topic"

Tom Usher wrote or added | So, according to Rand Paul, this is a capitalist nation where presumably he's in favor of privatization of pretty much everything. If he were to get his way, whole swats of the nation could then revert to Jim Crow. Black people could be excluded from buying goods and services in huge geographical areas. They could be excluded from obtaining work to get the money to buy those things in the first place. The only option for them would be moving, but without the funds to do so or the ability to stock up enough for the journey out of the geographical area or the funds to establish themselves where they intend to go (assuming they are even allowed to travel on the White only toll roads), how could they even move? They'd be slaves again unless they could demographically takeover.

It sounds like the West Bank with the Jewish-only roads (until the Supreme Court there said no; yet to be enforced) and the demographic fears about Palestinians having more children; hence the anti-immigration fears among many of the Libertarians.

If we are going to have a mundane government at all, how can we avoid choosing between the various forms of oppression? This is why I'm a Christian and not a coercive democrat (small or large c).

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