"US/Israel Challenged on Iran," by Ray McGovern, May 19, 2010

Source: www.consortiumnews.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | I was thinking about writing my own article on this, but why reinvent the wheel?

Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst who did the daily briefing of Presidents, takes Obama and Hillary Clinton to task here and wins hands down. Both of them are way too cowardly to debate Ray head-to-head on the facts. They aren't interested in facts, just psy-ops and false propaganda to manipulate perceptions amongst the gullible, naive, and intellectually lazy – too busy watching the boob tube and going out to eat and to shows and to shop, etc.

What took Turkey and Brazil so long? Well, better late than never is right.

Netanyahu hasn't nearly the international stature of Lula. Who does Netanyahu think he is? Lula is the most popular leader on the planet.

I'm not saying I agree with all things Lula, but the other leaders make him look good in relative terms. He is much better than Obama for instance or any of the EU leaders that I can see.

Also, Erdogan of Turkey was masterful in beating back the idiocy of Perez at Davos 2009. That raised him several notches in the Islamic world. Right now, Turkey apparently has the strongest performing economy in EU/NATO. I don't mean it's the richest state, but it is growing solidly in comparison (if one puts much stock in that sort of thing).

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