Neocon-Zionists Twisting: "Shaping the Story on Iran," by Philip Giraldi -

Tom Usher wrote or added | Oh, I like reading Philip Giraldi, but "The NIE had maintained (and the intelligence community still maintains) that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003" needs to be challenged. It can't be said "that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003" because it can't be said that Iran had a nuclear weapons program in 2003" to abandon. There isn't proof now, and there wasn't proof then.

Philip Giraldi takes on the question of the sources for this AP story – a great approach that should always be used when reading the MSM. He briefly discusses Bruce Riedel and Clare Lopez and then asks the rhetorical question: "Is the AP story being honest about the likely reliability and possible biases of its sources?" followed by the clear answer: "Apparently not."

Philip cuts right through the fog when he points out that Iran is mostly Shia and al Qaeda was created by the CIA from Sunnis who hate the Shia. Not all Sunnis feel that way, but there is a certain strain that does that...

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