Twitter-Session Digest for: May 23, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 21, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. A "senior Pakistani intelligence official" (CIA) said this, that, and the other but refuse to ID himself. #

  3. "...the accused shall enjoy the right confronted with the witnesses against him." — 6th Amendment in the US [global] Bill of Rights #

  4. If it's important enough to be in the US Bill of Rights, that's what all Americans should be for, for everyone, everywhere, all the time. #

  5. Alexei Malashenko, Carnegie Center in Moscow, says "Russian leaders are...certain...Obama has ruled out military action against Iran." Bull. #

  6. Hillary & Barack were pushing Turkey to do the Iranian-nuclear deal - what snakes to then badmouth it. Russia should have its head examined. #

  7. Ahmadinejad should not back off the deal even if Obama & the other snakes renege on their October offer that Iran accepted unconditionally. #

  8. By the way, the UN Security Council does not have the right unilaterally to void at-will provisions of the NPT that allow Iran to enrich. #

  9. For peace now, Ahmadinejad should agree to forgo internal enrichment to 20% so long as such enriched material is forthcoming via Turkey. #

  10. Iran could start to ramp up to 20% under direct IAEA oversight once Iran is in the good graces of the common people of now snaky states. #

  11. Creeps would insist Iran agree to forever stay at the 4-5% enrichment level. It would be under financial duress & threats & not binding. #

  12. The Democrats are resorting to a euphemism by saying one "misspeaks" when claiming one served in Vietnam but did not. It's called lying! #

  13. Rand Paul speaking about BP's huge pollution of the Gulf of Mexico said, "sometimes accidents happen." How stupid is that? A $500K valve... #

  14. Rand Paul said of Massey Energy's mine explosion, "sometimes accidents happen." He's a moron. Massey cut safety corners left & right! #

  15. ... or is he a shill for Big Oil and King Coal? Oh, yes! #

  16. Rand Paul doesn't have to be taking direct cash from Big Oil and King Coal to be their shill. How are the campaign contributions coming? #

  17. Brent Bozell went after Eric Holder for complaining about the AZ law he hadn't read. . I did read it, and it stinks! #

  18. The just-passed Senate financial reform measure is FDR-lite, meaning Obama, et al., are "saving" the capitalists from socialism (sharing). #

  19. Joblessness, foreclosures, & inflation are up. Consumer Interest-rates remain very high. It's all designed to break the people's spirits. #

  20. They plan to attack the Social Security trust fund, from which the government has been borrowing, & to attack Medicare & the minimum wage. #

  21. They will claim they must prevent inflation by increasing unemployment even more. Their real plan is just to take more for themselves. #

  22. Fatah attempted an Israeli-backed coup against Hamas and lost. Fatah is not, repeat not, the legal government of the Palestinians. Shame! #

  23. Fatah has no authority to negotiate with the US and/or Israel on behalf of Palestine in any binding sense. Obama is George W. Bush here. #

  24. Fatah has no right to give away Palestinian land or agree to NATO troops in Palestine. Fatah's Abbas is illegitimate, just as is Zionism. #

  25. There isn't one instance of privatization where there wasn't a better alternative. Name some privatizing, & I'll state the better way & why. #

  26. Is America Yearning for Fascism . #

  27. The Tea Party will vote to shrink government spending rather than changing where government spends (Pentagon & big banks) & will regret it. #

  28. It is not government spending, per se, that is the problem. It is spending to help banksters & the war machine that is the problem. #

  29. One of the biggest mistakes FDR made was listening to "deficit hawks." Doing that caused another dip and made the recovery take longer. #

  30. Habeas corpus is a fundamental human right. Any US judge who rules that anyone anywhere doesn't have a habeas-corpus right is evil & unfit. #

  31. If it is legal to burn any statue of anyone (and it is), then it's legal to burn a statue of Barack Obama. It's stupid but still legal. #

  32. Burning a statue of Barack Obama ought not be construed as a threat, unless he's the object of idol worship & statues are living gods. #

  33. Texas Police Secretly Deploy Spy Drones . #

  34. Gerald Celente: Banks robbing the people . #

  35. Rasmussen said John Boozman gets 66% v. Blanche Lincoln. Boozman has both feet in the neocon-racist-Apartheid-Zionist camp. Does Lincoln? #

  36. "Republicans adopt Zionist litmus test" - reason not to be Republican: 90% "favorable view of Israel" war criminals! #

  37. Wake up, Tea Party! Rand Paul has a foot in the neocon camp. He's no libertarian or he'd not hold Zionist views. #

  38. "65% in Texas Still Support Offshore Drilling" Now, show how many of those work for the oil industry in some way versus Gulf fishing, etc. #

  39. Are you for or against separating retail from investment banking? Recombining them via deregulation was a reason for the current crash. #

  40. Name one country that has ever truly benefited from International Monetary Fund (IMF) draconian "loans" with attached strings? #

  41. Facebook Links for: Saturday, May 22, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  42. Facebook Links for: Sunday, May 23, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

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  45. AE911Truth Structural Engineer Dismantles the NIST Analysis of WTC 7 – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  46. German government teaching parents incest, pedophilia > New World Order Report – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  47. Case Against 'Homosexuality Is Sin' Preacher Dropped | – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  48. Wealth gap spurs revolts across Asia – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  49. Rigi: US, Israel paid for assassination – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  50. Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  51. Ray Guns Near Crossroads to the Battlefield: Scientific American – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  52. Freedom Flotilla to Gaza: "Passenger ship launch from Istanbul" – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  53. Re: Freedom Flotilla to Gaza: "Israel's navy will have its work cut out" | Al Jazeera - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  54. Revealed: how Israel [allegedly] offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  55. Neocon-Zionists Twisting: "Shaping the Story on Iran," by Philip Giraldi - - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  56. Where's the Mainstream Western Media on this? "Freedom Flotilla" – Google Search – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  57. Was this a US-led false-flag attack?: "Probe concludes torpedo sank South Korea ship: report" - RLCC #

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