"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

Tom Usher wrote or added | I fully endorse this effort to get the truth out to the general public and to sound the alarms about the dangers to the environment posed by the mad scientists at Monsanto and elsewhere who are all in the loop on this chemtrail scheme that is every bit as dastardly as the lies (including 9/11) in the lead-up to invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq and the banksters' lies and market manipulations in the lead-up to the recent economic crash.

This preview/trailer has a former Marine mentioning radar blocking. Well, it also goes into communicating and worse via the particulate matter around the curvature of the Earth.

What I'd also like to say is that aluminum in the atmosphere interferes with natural lightening that is part of the nitrogen-fixing in the soil. Where there is a reduction in lightening, more artificially created fertilizers are bought and sold, making the superrich richer while increasing the burden on the poor.

I really want to know more about the tie-in with GMO, Frankenstein food (called Frankenfood) that isn't real food at all by the time the mad scientist get through with their work for the equally mad but even more depraved superrich who employ them and tell them what to create or rather conjure up as the evil wizards they are.

The Tea Party needs to wake up to environmentalism. For far too long, the superrich who make their billions from polluting industries have hired so-called intellectuals to come up with Public Relations false-propaganda to dupe the masses, many of whom are well-intentioned libertarians with the small-business owner in mind while the ultra-rich have never had any intention of doing what's best for the "commoners."

We live in an plutocracy where the richest of the rich lie and lie and lie and even have convinced others that being deceptive is a good thing. It's considered smart.

Well, it's smart in the way Jesus called it smart while he also made clear that it will land those "smart" ones in the Hell of their own making.

It's time for the righteous to be truly smarter and wiser by exposing the scams of the truly insane and dumb, evil ones. It's dumb to be evil. That's what everyone needs to come to realize.

So, what are we going to do? Are we going to have a violent revolution? Is it time to wipe out the evil? It's been tried and only adds to the cycle. No, it's time to give up violence worldwide. It's time for all the people to refuse to kill for the rich no matter what the rich say. It's time for people to stop falsely imagining that this life is not a filtering process just as was the process that occurred in determining who was born into this world in the first place. It's time for the people to stop concentrating on what helps the evil ones to bring forth more evil and more evil and more evil. It's time to concentrate on what brings forth more goodness and more goodness and more goodness.

They are putting material into the atmosphere that does land on the ground and in the waters and that all living matter there ends up having to cope with. They are doing it for reasons of their wealth, their power, and their control no matter how fleeting (and it is always fleeting). They are not doing the chemtrails for one purpose but many that nevertheless all have one end and that's Hell.

If the world had not been full of greedy, violent, monsters who prey on others in their lust including sexually, humanity could have solved all the now pressing problems decades and even centuries ago.

There is no such thing as a good technology that comes out from selfish minds. It doesn't happen. Bad fruit comes from bad branches and bad trees and bad roots and bad air, water, soil, and light, etc. Good come from good that is unselfish at heart. However, the whole system is based upon selfishness, competition, getting for self, hoarding, fear, violence, and sexual depravity (all related as lust and especially excess; and I do include homosexuality in this while knowing full well and acknowledging that there are different behaviors and degrees within that "universe").

The democratic system of America is not working not because it needs tweaking but because it's a fatally flawed hodge-podge of smoke and mirrors called checks and balances, as if part of evil can check another part without leaving evil to increase, as it clearly has.

The leaders of America are followers of darkness. They are not smart but selfish. They lie continually. They bring forth nothing better than the past. They laud everything that is vile and selfish, calling those things good that are wrong.

The most amazing thing in my life has been the realization that those things that should have given all humans pause, were simply ignored, just as if everyone is the son or daughter of Satan rather than God.

Oh, I know there are hundreds of millions who don't believe in Satan or God, but do they know the difference between right and wrong? Many claim to but choose what is clearly wrong when the better choice is right there if not ignored.

Well, things are not better than last year. They are worse, much worse.

If the chemtrails are preventing organic crops from flourishing and the Monsanto-like corporations have been told to work on terminator seeds that work under chemtrails, then who can doubt that Satan is the god of the worldly world?

We have the knowledge to have abundant, clean, sustainable, free (yes free) energy for all. We have the knowledge to make the soil as rich as rich can be to bring forth beautiful, healthy foods for all. We can house the world in wonderful dwellings that are good for the environment (harmonious with it). We can clothe the world and care for all the sick with ease if we will but choose to do what Jesus said that is to serve each other that all are served and all are first by being last. What goes around, comes around is what Jesus said in so many words and deeds, and he was and remains absolutely right about it.

Where did he learn it? Was he not connected? Is he not connected? Did anyone else say those things before him? He was the first that I've seen. He made what has always been there apparent, yet people hate him and refuse to give him credit for whatever reasons – all selfish and evil.

I tell you that the system of mammon is wicked. We never needed it. It's poison. I seek only to translate it into what will displace it. We need no taxes. We need borrow no money. We need pay no interest on any debts for there need be no such mammon debts. We don't need a Federal Reserve or a World Bank or an International Monetary Fund or a stock market or hedge funds or any of the scams that are all the "securities." So, do the bankers and financiers and passive investors have to panic? They don't have to panic if we continue in the righteous way.

They would all live better than now. There's no doubt about it. They just don't understand how poorly they are living now. They are poor, very, very poor. They have mammon and what it will buy, but they are all dying both physically and spiritually if they aren't already dead spiritually. Jesus said that the rich who don't repent are dead already, and I believe it.

We don't need coercive democracy. We don't need coercive socialism. We don't need capitalism. We need to agree unanimously. We need to be of one mind and soul to do no harm, to lusts after no one and nothing but unselfishness, to be only beneficial in the most ultimate sense conceivable.

We must stop thinking with the selfish portions of our brains (the reptilian, lower, less evolved portions). We need to put forth effort to use the unselfish, highest, most evolved portions. The highest brain matter is peaceful, loving, giving, sharing, correcting, ordered, self-disciplined, compassionate, industrious, healing, wholesome, clean, and all the rest of the good. The skies the limit, and I'm not speaking as a materialist humanist but as one who firmly believes that we are to become one with God who is one – no usurpation there at all.

Satan is the opposite spirit. God is not bad. God has had God's name misused by humanity that has confused itself.

Semantics separates us, and the knowledge of semantics can bring us together. The Muslims don't believe in the son of God when they are all children of God is they will but see it. This is not that God had carnal sex to bring them forth. That's a semantical misunderstanding that can be and will be cleared up.

All the people of all the different religions need to see that Jesus taught what will set all free (free of evil, which is as free as free can be). All religions don't lead to God without minds grasping that accepting the truth spoken and shown by Jesus.

So, the atheist/agnostics want test results they can replicate. Why be so materially bound so as to preclude the door from opening?

Tom Usher

I was asked recently whether I'd ever had a personal dialogue with any level of spirit above that of human beings. I don't understand how anyone could read my blog much and ask that question. My life has become a constant spiritual dialogue. I'm in it. I never think materially only.

Peace, and let's bring forth the Christian Commons everywhere.

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