Gaza Aid Convoy [Freedom Flotilla] Showdown Poses a New Challenge for Israel


Tom Usher wrote or added | "The U.N. welfare agency UNWRA reports that the number of Gazans dependent on food aid trebled in 2009, to 300,000 - one in every five people living in the territory. The World Health Organization reports that there are shortages of essential medicines, and that chronic malnutrition has reached 10%.

"Even Israeli human rights groups have challenged the blockade, forcing the government - through a court action - to reveal that under the rubric of preventing Hamas from improving its military capability, Gazans are prevented from importing such items as chocolate, jam, wood, fruit juice, plastic toys and notebooks. Cinnamon is allowed, but not coriander."

The Zionists are trying mightily to pretend that the Gazans get all the humanitarian aid they need, even citing what they have to bring through dangerous tunnels that Israel is trying to seal off as proof of how wonderful the racist, fascist Zionists are. They are pathetic liars whose evil "state" will fall if they don't completely repent of their wicked lies and deeds.

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