[MSM] Photographers Say BP [and the Coast Guard] Restricts Access to Oil Spill [Leaks, not "spill"] – Newsweek

Tom Usher wrote or added | The Mainstream Media is doing the bidding of Big Oil; otherwise, the MSM could fight by hammering the censorship issue with their viewers, listeners, and readers. So, Big Oil would fight back by canceling advertisements and by lobbying harder with more oil dollars with Congress, etc.

Well, what's the right thing to do for the planet and all the life on it, including of course, humanity? The right thing is to get the truth to the people come what may from Big Oil.

Big Oil though owns shares in the corporations that run Big Media. The interlocking directorates are mind boggling for those who look at the issue for the first time and perhaps remain mind boggling regardless.

The real problem is greed that is selfishness that puts "me" first where that "me" supposedly benefits from Big Oil and corporatism and crony capitalism in general more than everyone else is harmed. I say supposedly because everyone is actually harmed more than benefited if one takes all the issues to their logical conclusions.

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