Source: Salazar delays [Ban it] Arctic Ocean drilling - Gulf oil spill-

Tom Usher wrote or added | The Obama administration is not only playing with fire regarding the wars, civil liberties, and the economy. It will also end up facing people who will say that some people's Earth-Firsters are some people's Freedom Fighters.

I'm not for what some people call eco-terrorism; but if stopping the other so-called terrorists from destroying our "homeland" is so sanctioned, surely stopping the corporate eco-criminals, such as BP, from destroying our coasts and oceans is equally if not more so to be sanctioned.

The real solution rather than any form of coercive destruction (all of which I'm adamantly against) is simply for the people's government to stop the insanity that's oil, gas, and coal and switch as rapidly as possible to solar, wind, geothermal, and the like.

Any child who hasn't been brainwashed or beaten to tell lies knows intuitively that what I'm saying here is truth.

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