Teaneck [Zionist] harassment case ends with apology & forgiveness & Ilan Pappe

Tom Usher wrote or added | This is why I can't say I'm anti-Jew, and can't agree with anyone about that who is. I'm not saying either of these guys is perfect. I'm not perfected either. What I see though is growth away from the wrong direction. Whether that will end up in their perfection is something we'll all just have to wait and see.

We don't have to sit on our hands while waiting though. We can all encourage each other to be better and better forever.

God bless everyone, and may everyone accept it. May Bernie Thau be as sincere as Rich Siegel now believes that he is trying to be. May Bernie Thau read Ilan Pappe's book, believe it, and change from Apartheid Zionism to humaneness and fairness and justice as a result. May militant Muslims also clearly see what's really happening here where violence is not the way.

Peace is right. What is real peace? If you don't think peace is the right path, you don't have the full meaning of the term in your head and heart. Seek it.

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