Twitter-Session Digest for: May 28, 2010

  1. I'm now following @IsOccupation Israeli Occupation Archive #

  2. Using AK-47's to murder 2 cops during a traffic stop is evil. It not only kills people who may be decent. It also just makes cops harder. #

  3. Facebook Links for: Monday, May 24, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  4. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 24, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  5. Could North Korea nuke the US? The US thinks they'll be on South Korea, but neocons miscalculate & think Korea is expendable for Empire. #

  6. Obama: "...a cozy relationship between oil and gas companies and the agencies that regulate them has long been a source of concern." Well? #

  7. Barack issues a moratorium on offshore drilling permits, but his administration ignores it. Who's fired or at least reversed and corrected? #

  8. Rand Paul is a corporatist who is a phony blame-acts-of-God-Firster. BP's oil leak was due to gross, criminal negligence. #

  9. Don't say Jerry Kane & his son Joseph Kane were representative of all Patriot Movement members. There are many members who are non-violent. #

  10. I'm not a member of the Patriot Movement, but I won't sit by silently while "leftist" paint them all as crazed, anti-government, terrorists. #

  11. I'm now following @jessewoodrow . He's a Christian and anti the banksters' NWO! #

  12. BREAKING: Obama said he wants a NEW WORLD ORDER at west point . #

  13. The new mouthpiece for the IMF and the NEW WORLD ORDER is...? . #

  14. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 2-14 . #

  15. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 3-14 . #

  16. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 5-14 . #

  17. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 1-14 . #

  18. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 4-14 . #

  19. AQUARIUS The Age of Evil 7-14 . #

  20. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 6-14 . #

  21. AQUARIUS The Age of Evil 8-14 . #

  22. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 9-14 . #

  23. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 12-14 . #

  24. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 11-14 . #

  25. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 10-14 . #

  26. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 13-14 . #

  27. AQUARIUS The Age Of Evil 14-14 . #

  28. I just watched "Aquarius: The Age of Evil" by Keith Thompson. I agree with much of it, but Jesus is not a capitalist. #

  29. Facebook Links for: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  30. Facebook Links for: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  31. Unexpected Consequence: Increased CO2 Could [Negatively] Affect Nutritional Value of Crops - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  32. "Email From, and More About, Mordechai Vanunu," by Eileen Fleming – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  33. "What in the World are They Spraying?" – Official Trailer – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  34. Rand Paul Neocon: "Rand Paul Drinks Tea, Turns Into Hawk?" by Kelley B. Vlahos — - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  35. Dangers lurk deep for all ocean creatures from oil | Seattle Times Newspaper - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  36. Rand Paul's 5 most controversial beliefs [some idiotic] – The Week – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  37. Freedom Flotilla to Gaza: "Turkey rejects Israeli deal on Gaza sail" - Israel News, Ynetnews - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  38. Where's the Trial against Bush/Cheney, et al.? "Trial Begins for Ex-Chicago Police Lt. Accused of Torture - RLCC #

  39. ChevronToxico | Breaking News: Activists Arrested at Chevron Shareholders' Meeting – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  40. AP lies: "Israel and Egypt cordoned off [Gaza]... after the Islamic militant Hamas overran" Gaza. Hamas was elected, you stinking liars! #

  41. "Child porn 'social networking site' busted by feds" While this happens in the US, the German government has promoted incestuous pedophilia. #

  42. "DeWyze triumphs over Bowersox on 'American Idol'" I've never seen it & know it's headline news to divert attention from what truly matters. #

  43. "47% Say U.S. Should Aid South Korea Militarily" How many know an Israeli German-built sub & torpedo is now suspected: a false-flag attack? #

  44. Rand Paul is not a libertarian. They are for abortion & homosexual marriage. They are for pulling US troops from Iraq & Afghanistan ASAP. #

  45. US libertarians are the closest thing the capitalist "right" has to anarchists on the voluntary-socialist "left." #

  46. I'm a homegrown, radical extremist but believe in total pacifism. What are you, Obama? I believe in total (extreme) root (radical) change. #

  47. Obama's switch to "homegrown, radical extremists" is just a pre-planned deepening domestication of Bush-43's assault on the Bill of Rights. #

  48. Obama's "team" planned anti-militia fear-mongering before he got into office. He clearly talked up militarized policing of civilian society. #

  49. Obama is the Imperial President every bit as much as was George W. Bush, who said upon his appointment, "Now I'm not accountable to anyone." #

  50. George W. Bush was nevertheless afraid of the money power. He quickly knuckled under to Ariel Sharon, just as Obama has done with Netanyahu. #

  51. The expiration of the first-time home buyers' tax credit on April 30, 2010 is showing up as falling housing sales & lower prices/values. #

  52. What's the delay on reversing the repeal of Glass-Steagall? The banksters owning the government is the delay. End the Fed. #

  53. To rob a country, own a bank Pt3 . #

  54. To rob a country, own a bank Pt4 . #

  55. To rob a country, own a bank Pt2 . #

  56. To rob a country, own a bank . #

  57. To rob a country, own a bank Pt5 . #

  58. William Black: finance bill mostly window dressing . #

  59. Robert Scheer: "I think Sarah Palin and Rand Paul are sideshows...." They are not sideshows while mainstream media dictates otherwise. #

  60. Yossi Gal, Dir. Gen., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel: "There is no shortage of humanitarian aid to Gaza." Have you fallen for this lie? #

  61. Millions in Gaza descend from those who had the land they lived on and farmed, etc., stripped via ethnic cleansing by Zionist terrorists. #

  62. The Zionist Project is the violator of international law, not the Freedom Flotilla. The flotilla is acting completely within the real law. #

  63. The barbaric Zionist Project picks and chooses which statutes suit its fascistic, land-thieving, racist agenda. Gaza is to be opened. #

  64. Remember the Goldstone Report. The Zionists are ethnic-cleansing war criminals with no rights to the Palestinian's land. #

  65. Zionists violated the Balfour Declaration & the UN Charter & resolutions. They ignore that but claim maritime-supremacy over Gazan waters. #

  66. Balfour: "...nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine." #

  67. BP refuses to provide respirators to hired fishermen & threatens to fire those who use their own, says Clint Guidry, pres., LA Shrimp Assoc. #

  68. Guidry's answer is perfect. BP won't admit respiratory liability. How does Rand Paul's not putting a "boot heel on the throat of BP" fit? #

  69. Clint Guidry, pres., LA Shrimp Assoc.: Sounds like a good man. #

  70. "46% of Americans oppose more government regulation of the U.S.
    financial system." Oh, brilliant, just let the banksters keep it up. Stupid! #

  71. Anyone who thinks that "a period of austerity" is necessary anywhere is just a dupe of the crony, lying, thieving world banksters: demonic. #

  72. Tom | Someone there wants it to... . #

  73. Facebook Links for: Thursday, May 27, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  74. Facebook Links for: Friday, May 28, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  75. [Greed Kills] Video: Live Feed of Oil Leak Released, BP Raises Siphoning Estimate - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

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