Bank of North Dakota (BND), only State-Owned bank in US, & "Unemployment Rate Correlation with Mortgage Delinquency" by Barry Ritholtz | Roubini

"Unemployment Rate Correlation with Mortgage Delinquency" by Barry Ritholtz | Roubini

Tom Usher wrote or added | Take a look at the chart. Notice that North Dakota (ND) is the #1 state in this regard. Now, also note that ND is the only state in the US with a state-owned bank. Can you make the connection? It's not a mere coincidence, as they say. It's directly correlated.

The United States could and should have the exact same thing, which would be a nationalized Federal Reserve System and to declare all Federal Reserve Notes to be United States Notes, which would be interest free {hence no taxes to pay interest on any borrowed money – hundreds of billions per year – now paid to private banksters, passive investors (don't work for the income, their "money" makes them profits off other people's taxes), and various governments, etc.} Okay, so what's the holdup?

The holdup is the Obama administration and all the bankster cronies spread throughout the US government but especially in the federal legislative branch that is the Senate and House, collectively the US Congress.

Now, explain to me why after reading this, you will allow it to go in one ear and out the other, as if you have no brains cells between your ears? If that's insulting to you, it's your own fault. Stop being hypnotized by the banksters and their flunkies!

To those who get it, I say we all have to talk this up more until it can't be ignored. Will you help, or will you remain silent and complicit in the banksters' worldwide, fraudulent Ponzi scheme?

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