Freedom Flotilla: "A battle for the high seas. And the high ground." by LaurenBooth | Gilad Atzmon's blog


Tom Usher wrote or added | "Scenes of Israeli naval commandos taking over vessels with aid shipments and detaining high-profile activists would further harm Israel's image. This must be balanced with the determination in Tel Aviv to avoid setting a precedent and eroding the blockade by letting the vessels dock in Gaza."

Look, this may sound strange, but the more this story is censored, the worse it will be for the Zionists. People around the world say that the Mainstream Media (MSM) in the West is primarily owned and operated by Zionists. Since the siege of Gaza is clearly illegal (everyone knows it) and since the MSM is not covering this story much at all, it's obvious why not. The Zionists are censoring the news via their inordinate control of the global news system, just as their detractors have been saying for decades. This time though, the censorship won't work.

The MSM is going to have to cover this or face a backlash. They're being run off the biggest oil-pollution story in history, and now they're not covering the bravest civilian humanitarian effort in my lifetime (that's for sure). So what's left but being exposed as the lackeys of the Zionists for the MSM if they don't step up on this huge issue?

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