If treated righteously, Mexicans are good for the US economy: "The Economics of Immigration Are Not What You Think" | NDN

Source: ndn.org

Tom Usher wrote or added | Hey, this is an article everyone should read before jumping on the Arizona anti-immigration bandwagon.

In addition though, provisions in that AZ law (which I have read) are clearly unconstitutional – against the Bill of Rights. Legal, innocent Americans will be harassed under the AZ law no matter what the AZ authorities try to do to prevent it, not that I'm for harassing poor, hardworking, peaceful Mexicans whose country has been trashed by US neoliberal economics, such as the evil NAFTA that allowed the also evil Monsanto Corporation and others to work to ruin the Mexicans' beautiful, natural, organic corn industry (their staple crop). NAFTA is a crime against humanity, and the AZ anti-immigration statute is a bad bit of legislation that shouldn't have made it out of committee or even received a committee hearing in the first place.

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