"Obama's Regulatory Brain," [versus bust the Banksters' Trust] by Robert Reich

Tom Usher wrote or added | "Requiring banks to do derivative trading in separate entities would force them to raise extra capital. But if such trading is so useful, banks should foot the bill, not taxpayers. Bernanke and others say the measure would give foreign banks a competitive advantage. Even if he is right, since when is it up to taxpayers to guarantee profitability at America's largest banks relative to foreign ones?"

More importantly is that, that so called "competitive advantage" would mean that at the next crash/recession, the US would not fall with the other idiots. There was no "profitability" in the deregulated system. There was only the planned crash for the "too big to fails" who then stole the taxpayers money. That's all that went on. There's been no real profit. There's only been the biggest wealth redistribution in the history of human kind, short of all-out bloody war for spoils and maybe even then.

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