Terrific Video, Must Watch, Free to View: "Sir! No Sir!: The suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam"

Sir! No Sir!: the suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam

Tom Usher wrote or added | The real "Greatest Generation," don't you think?

Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe: A brilliant film; we'd no idea of the extent of GI resistance before watching.....

Tom Usher
It's really sad that the Pentagon got back in the "good graces" of the people. They plugged violent toys and movies and video games to re-subvert the youth. The major weapons makers bribed every which way with campaign contributions, etc. Now with the coming robot weapons (coming very, very soon), people will start becoming all the more expendable to them on both the "home front" and various war fronts (to become global). If we don't act in time, changing our hearts and minds away from all selfishness and harmfulness, the world will definitely become a dystopia within our lifetimes.

Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe: Drones are here.....

Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe: But there is a groundswell of people of all persuasions who won't give up on faith, hope & charity.

Tom Usher
Yes, drones are here, but miniaturization is coming and even nanobots. These will spy and destroy at will against a defenseless population. Cyborg technology is further along than the general population realizes too. Exoskeleton skin-thin suits are already being used. Anything science fiction can imagine, they are pursuing. They are doing this also in the chemical, biological, and radiological realms as well. They intend to own the whole electromagnetic spectrum, including materials creation. This is in fact Satan as technology. Technology doesn't have to be evil, but technology that comes out from selfishness is inherently evil and fatally flawed. Only a complete change of heart can save human kind, the planet, and souls.

Tom Usher
When I said, "Now with the coming robot weapons (coming very, very soon), people will start becoming all the more expendable," what I meant was that the military won't any longer require huge human armies and those who were once "needed" to fight the battles of the greedy will only be useless – taking up space and resources, etc.

Chris 'Pie Rate' McCabe: That's been a tendency since nuclear WMDs were developed, & although it's said that the Bomb has kept us safe, & we've never had a nuclear war, the use of depleted U *is* nuclear war.....

Tom Usher
It's my view that the first two generations of nuclear weapons deterred only the largest of wars. We didn't use them in Korea, and we had half a million men in Vietnam. The Bush administration especially wanted to start up again on tactical nukes and nukes as bunker busters.

The newer weapons of which I speak though eventually won't need any humans at all. They really will turn them over to computers to design, manufacture, and decide when and where and against whom and what to use.



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