Where does Nick Clegg stand on the Freedom Flotilla? "Lift the Gaza blockade" | Nick Clegg (Dec 2009) | Comment is free | The Guardian

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Tom Usher wrote or added | "enlightened self-interest" my foot. Just do the right thing. This Nick Clegg person also told other whoppers here.

The Gazans had been abiding by the "ceasefire" (lull) in back and forth shooting/rockets. Hamas had clamped down hard on other groups within Gaza that were still very rarely firing the occasional glorified bottle rocket (no explosive tip – just a hollow tube falling in the Zionist occupied Palestinian land that those Zionists dare call Israel (Jacob is in Heaven disavowing them forever until they turn and repent and atone).

So, has Nick Clegg stood up over the last several days to say he stands with the Freedom Flotilla, or is he just all "change" talk when running for office the way Obama was? One need hardly ask.

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