Twitter-Session Digest for: May 31, 2010 #2

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 31, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH - a Freedom Flotilla Session #

  2. Following: @ismpalestine ISM Palestine, Occupied Palestine, Nonviolence... #

  3. EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton demands Freedom Flotilla inquiry & opening of crossings for aid, goods, & persons to and from Gaza. #

  4. CNN covers the Israeli murderous attack on the Freedom Flotilla. It ends with Zionist propaganda half-truth/twisting. #

  5. Gaza - an inside look: Tunnel youth #

  6. Israel Navy Massacres Freedom #Flotilla Passengers in International Waters #

  7. Is anyone still a "Christian-Zionist" out there? Shame on you if you are! #

  8. Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz: "flotilla is...chapter in...campaign to chip away at Israel's legitimate right to defend itself." He's Insane! #

  9. Insanity debunked: Israel is a land thief, ethnic cleanser, and war criminal, not legit! #

  10. AP lie: "...killing at least 10 people and wounding dozens after encountering unexpected resistance as the forces boarded the vessels." #

  11. AP neocon-Zionist "journalists" are echoing Zionist propagandist (same people who lied about using White Phosphorus in Gaza). #

  12. Israelis are lying. If the Freedom Flotilla had started the violence, the Israelis would have shown video of it. They have that technology. #

  13. Western mainstream media is controlled by Zionists. They are repeating lying-Zionist statements as if fact. It's psy-ops. Don't fall for it! #

  14. The real truth will all come out when the peaceful passengers on the Freedom Flotilla are freed and can tell the truth to the world. #

  15. If Zionists are telling the truth, then let Freedom Flotilla people & IDF personnel be subjected to lie detector tests and we'll see. #

  16. "French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said he was 'deeply shocked' by the Israeli raid & insisted 'nothing can justify' such violence." #

  17. Freedom Flotilla: "Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle also said he was 'deeply concerned' about the deaths." - AFP #

  18. It's time the UN goes into Gaza, blocks Israel, & opens Gaza to the movement of goods, services, & people without Zionist interference. #

  19. Hypothetically, if the Freedom Flotilla fought back, it constituted self-defense against an illegal regime in a criminal boarding. #

  20. World condemns Gaza flotilla raid, Israel says aid convoy 'had weapons on board' #

  21. Freedom Flotilla under attack in International waters #

  22. Gaza Flotilla Attacked: Israeli troops storm aid ships, up to 20 killed #

  23. The Freedom Flotilla was planning to deliver construction materials banned by the Zionists. The neocons don't want the people to rebuild. #

  24. The Freedom Flotilla was trying to help Gazans with what they need that Zionists block. Zionists allow only around 25% of what's needed. #

  25. 75% of Gaza reportedly remains as it was right after Israel's diabolical, hyper destructive, bloody, war crime that was Operation Cast Lead. #

  26. Audrey Bomse Member Of Gaza Flotilla Resonds To Israeli Press Conf On Attack #

  27. Thousands In The Street In Istanbul Turkey After Israel Attacks Gaza Flotilla #

  28. Responsibility Is With Hamas For Attack On Gaza Flotilla! Yochanan Plesener #

  29. 15,000 tons of stuff going into Gaza with it's population is not the 60+ tons they need. Also, much of it is the wrong stuff and too costly. #

  30. If the Freedom Flotilla had been intent upon killing IDF members, IDF would have been killed by flotilla passengers. It didn't happen. #

  31. The IDF is Zionist, terrorist, racist, pirate thugs protecting land thieves calling themselves the Jewish state. Poor Jacob & Judah hate it. #

  32. Likudniks blame Hamas for Likudnik murders of Freedom Flotilla members. That's spinning & dumber than dirt. They have dung for brains. #

  33. Neocon, Likudnik arguments fall apart based upon the fact that "Israel" was built on Palestinian land via terrorism & ethnic cleansing. #

  34. A Heinous Crime Committed By Israeli Forces! #

  35. The Freedom Flotilla had $20 million in 10,000 tons of supplies — about 2/3's of a month's worth Israel lets in only better & free. #

  36. Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israeli Navy (Part 2) #

  37. Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israeli Navy (Part 1) #

  38. PressTV said 15,000 tons per week are allowed by the Zionists. A Zionist official said it's per month. I thought it's per month. #

  39. Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israeli Navy (Part 4) #

  40. Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israeli Navy (Part 3) #

  41. Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israeli Navy (Part 5) #

  42. Just saw a tweet: "somehow this freedom flotilla thing slipped under the radar... this is the first i'm hearing of it" Call it censorship. #

  43. Ban ki-Moon, Nicolas Sarkozy, & Angela Merkel publicly denounce Zionist violence against the Freedom Flotilla. Where's Obama? Lets' see. #

  44. Here's the Ban ki-Moon, Nicolas Sarkozy, & Angela Merkel news on the Freedom Flotilla. #

  45. Freedom Flotilla: "...soldiers started shooting as soon as they hit the deck...continued...even when white flag of surrender was raised." #

  46. White House spokesman Bill Burton said US "deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained" in the incident [Freedom Flotilla]. Weak! #

  47. White House's Bill Burton says admin. is "currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy": Freedom Flotilla #

  48. "Obama administration concerned about Gaza incident" . It's the weakest position I've seen so far from any nation. #

  49. ZenoEffect on YouTube says Israel "is out of control." That's accurate. He thinks the Freedom Flotilla attack shows Israel wants WWIII. #

  50. With 600-700 Freedom Flotilla members, how do we get 10-20+ of them dead & no Zionists dead but the humanitarians are terrorists? We don't. #

  51. We don't come to the conclusion about the Freedom Flotilla that the Zionists want us to because we aren't dumb enough for their asininity. #

  52. 20% of the Freedom Flotilla is said to be made up of passengers over 60 years old. #

  53. Arabs & Muslims Called On To Rise Up In Front Of Israeli Embassies #

  54. Israel starts World War 3? - gunships, IDF attack Freedom Flotilla to Gaza Strip 16 Dead, 50 Wounded #

  55. Netanyahu Cancels Planned White House Visit #

  56. The call for internationally sanctioning Israel if it won't end Apartheid will be hugely increased with this Freedom Flotilla attack. #

  57. Protests at Israeli Embassies around the world are heating up. They're in trouble now. They really stepped in it. They are no longer immune. #

  58. The US can't save the Zionists from themselves. Obama must distance the US from Israel in a big way or go down with them. He has to change. #

  59. Now with this Freedom Flotilla attack, all the stupid official statements as if the US is joined at the hip to the Zionist must end. #

  60. #

  61. Zionist pirates claim self-defense as they attacked the Freedom Flotilla in international waters headed to break the illegal siege of Gaza. #

  62. Russian For. Ministry, Andrei Nesterenko: "...the use of arms against civilians and the detention of the ships at sea is a gross violation." #

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