Twitter-Session Digest for: May 31, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 30, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. "If you ignore this order and enter the blockaded area, the Israeli navy will be forced to take all the necessary measures in order to... #

  3. ...enforce this blockade" #

  4. Yigal Palmor (Israeli Foreign Ministry) says Freedom Flotilla cement for general reconstruction is not allowed. Reverse that Emperor Obama! #

  5. AP lie: "Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade on Gaza after Hamas militants violently seized control of the seaside territory in June 2007" #

  6. The AP writers are writing that stinking lie everyday right now. Hamas was elected and fought against Fatah collaborators. #

  7. Fatah took weapons, vehicles, & money from the Likudniks/US to attempt to overthrow "the only real democracy" in Palestine/Israel: Hamas. #

  8. AP: " prevent Hamas, which...fired thousands of rockets..., from building...arsenal." Zionists broke the ceasefire! #

  9. AP: "Israeli military offensive, meant to stop Hamas rocket attacks, early last year": False propaganda! Rockets were few, tiny, & rogue. #

  10. The neocon-Zionists say the Freedom Flotilla is a provocation. Of course it is. It is provoking sympathy for the illegally besieged Gazans. #

  11. Hamas & Islamic Jihad need to not respond with any force to Israeli wickedness. Document & speak out to the world's people for aid & peace! #

  12. Bank of North Dakota (BND), only State-Owned bank in US, & "Unemployment Rate Correlation with Mortgage Delinquency" #

  13. If treated righteously, Mexicans are good for the US economy: "The Economics of Immigration Are Not What You Think" #

  14. "Obama's Regulatory Brain," [versus bust the Banksters' Trust] by Robert Reich – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  15. Terrific Video, Must Watch, Free: "Sir! No Sir!: The suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam" #

  16. Where does Nick Clegg stand on the Freedom Flotilla? "Lift the Gaza blockade" | Nick Clegg (Dec 2009) | Comment is free #

  17. UK Universal Jurisdiction Law: The Muslim News – Freedom, fairness and responsibility – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  18. Freedom Flotilla: "A battle for the high seas. And the high ground." by LaurenBooth | Gilad Atzmon's blog - RLCC #

  19. Freedom Flotilla Info/Updates: Rotamız Filistin - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  20. Are Libertarians right about "legalizing" drugs? Was alcohol Prohibition better for the US, or did criminal gangs get super rich & powerful? #

  21. I'm not for illegal drug use or coercing people away from it. It's best to educate & support people to withstand temptation. #

  22. U.S. NATO commander of forces in Afghanistan said "clear evidence" some Taliban trained in Iran but not by the Iranian government! #

  23. Where are "Christian" Tweets about the illegal, deadly attack on the peaceful, humanitarian Freedom Flotilla to the illegally besieged Gaza? #

  24. Speak up for the downtrodden, all you who call yourselves "Christians." Zionists claim Biblical rights to Gaza. Herzl was an atheist, dupes! #

  25. "Muggles take to broomsticks for Quidditch in NYC" The so-called innocent dark side is just harmless fun? Next up: incestuous pedophiles. #

  26. Racist, Apartheid, fascist Zionists attacked a peaceful convoy of humanitarian ships in international waters in the dark and killed people. #

  27. Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths... #

  28. Zionist propaganda lies are as to the global mind what the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico is to the world's waters: toxic pollution. #

  29. Google is rolling Freedom Flotilla news in real time. Just put "Freedom Flotilla" in (in quotes) and you can go to the page. Don't be Evil! #

  30. My last post just scrolled by on that Google page. Try it! Use it! Spread the news! Spread the truth! Down with liars! #

  31. Put "Freedom Flotilla" in all your tweets on it. That name needs to become the connecting term. The MSM will use it. #

  32. @avinunu Put "Freedom Flotilla" in all your tweets on it. That name needs to become the connecting term. The MSM will use it. in reply to avinunu #

  33. @uruknet Put "Freedom Flotilla" in all your tweets on it. That name needs to become the connecting term. The MSM will use it. in reply to uruknet #

  34. @Mondoweiss Put "Freedom Flotilla" in your tweets on it. That name needs to become the connecting term. The MSM will use it. #

  35. This Freedom Flotilla story is huge! Zionists have done nearly the worst and dumbest things they could for their own position in the world. #

  36. The Zionists are going to lose the support of the American people over this Freedom Flotilla story, as well they should. #

  37. The Zionists have shown themselves here to be the enemies of common decency. They have shot themselves in both feet. #

  38. Have the EU powers made public statements yet condemning this atrocity? Has Barack Obama issued an unequivocal, condemnatory statement? #

  39. There is no way that Russia and China can now side with the US with Israel. They'd be as insane as mad dogs to do so. #

  40. I should think that President Ahmadinejad should use this tragic "Freedom Flotilla" opportunity to reach out again for peace with the US. #

  41. Obama would be a fool to go along with Netanyahu now with this Freedom Flotilla attack. It's now worse than was going along with P.W. Botha. #

  42. I knew the Zionist were evil and stupid, but this level of overt evil and stupidity is breathtaking. Will there be distancing by the US? #

  43. What will the House & Senate Zionists say now upon this senseless & unprovoked attack on humanitarian civilians with the Freedom Flotilla? #

  44. Zionists have murdered unarmed Freedom Flotilla people in cold blood. It's murder in the first degree. Israeli leadership are all culpable. #

  45. Those dead among the Freedom Flotilla are truly martyrs for all the people in the world who love peace. #

  46. mms:// That's live Iranian TV right now covering the Freedom Flotilla. #

  47. Israel attacks Gaza aid flotilla - 16 activists killed #

  48. The Freedom Flotilla: I've been Tweeting it, blogging it, linking it, and commenting on it on Facebook. #

  49. The Freedom Flotilla: This is a huge story and needs to break the Zionist, Likudnik, racist, fascist hold over much of world public opinion. #

  50. It cannot be overstated that anti-Zionist pessimism is self-defeating. If one expects little of the world's people, one will likely get it. #

  51. Fascist, Zionist, self-styled rabbis ("teachers" of Satanic racism) blame Freedom Flotilla humanitarianism for "mad-dog" Israeli barbarity. #

  52. The Muslim world will protest everywhere & loudly, but they won't be alone. Real Christians, among others, stand against barbarous Zionists. #

  53. Turkey is a NATO member. An attack on a peaceful, Freedom Flotilla Turkish ship in international waters is a serious act of war on NATO. #

  54. Freedom Flotilla getting Mainstream News coverage in Canada: "Up to 16 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza aid flotilla" . #

  55. "People condemn Somalia for its attacks on ships in the Indian Ocean. What's the difference?" - Ahmed Yousef, deputy foreign minister, Hamas #

  56. Don't fall for garbage coming from Zionist lying propagandists that the Freedom Flotilla was violent. It was deliberately & wisely unarmed. #

  57. Israel has zero excuse to have killed any, no murdered any, of the brave, self-sacrificing humanitarians with the Freedom Flotilla. #

  58. Reuters is now reporting on the Zionist bloody attack on the Freedom Flotilla. #

  59. Barack Obama has no option but to condemn Israel and to not protect Israel at all over the Zionist attack on the Freedom Flotilla. #

  60. If Obama minces words over this murderous attack by the racist neocon-Zionists, he should be denounced by all those who voted for him. #

  61. What is the Tea Party position on the barbarity of Israel against the Freedom Flotilla? Have Rand Paul & Sarah Palin denounced Zionism yet? #

  62. European nations are starting to build courage against Netanyahu's evil. Attack on the Freedom Flotilla has stirred Sweden's government. #

  63. Spain too is upset at the Israeli despicable attack on the Freedom Flotilla. Nations are summoning Israeli ambassadors to account. #

  64. Zionist propagandists are trying to change the subject from the wicked attack on the Freedom Flotilla. It isn't working. It's doubly stupid! #

  65. Zionists think saying others are evil too will cover the Zionist slaughter on the Freedom Flotilla. Get the plank out of your eye first. #

  66. The harder the Zionists point at other parts of the world away from the Freedom Flotilla attack, the more everyone sees through it. #

  67. George Galloway on Israel attacking Freedom Flotilla headed to Gaza Strip - 16 Dead #

  68. People's Daily Online: "'Demonstrators...attacked the IDF...' ...strongly rejected by...aid activists. 'There was no fire from our side.'" #

  69. People's Daily Online (China): "Israel confirms at least 10 activists killed in Gaza flotilla clash" Freedom Flotilla #

  70. Sky News [finally]: "Flotilla Fiasco: A Cack-Handed Operation" Oh, it's much worse than that. #

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