Another Lame, Zionist Whopper: "40 of the 'Peace Activists' on Gaza Flotilla Are Al-Qaeda"

Zionist, Lame Whopper: 40 of the "Peace Activists" on Gaza Flotilla Are Al-Qaeda

Tom Usher wrote or added | This is the biggest piece of horse manure I've seen on the subject of the Zionist attack on the Freedom Flotilla yet.

Right, you're supposed to believe this rot: 40 al Qaeda members didn't have one gun amongst them and with "pipes, metal rods. chairs and knives" [not my punctuation], they couldn't manage to kill one soldier.

Listen, if those had been men bent upon killing IDF, there would have been lots of dead IDF around. Every single one of those IDF members who was pushed around and whacked would have been stabbed through and more than once. What were they wearing, stab proof suits?

These Zionists are so incredibly stupid. They can't even lie well. I can't figure out how they aren't too embarrassed to tell such gigantic fibs.

Now, what we haven't seen is the rest of the video where the IDF shot people in their heads murdering them. We also don't get any close-up shots, as if the IDF doesn't have hi-res digital cameras that can read the year on a dime in the middle of the night at 1,000 feet.

What they don't want is for people to be able to do the close-ups in slow motion to analyze every moment. Of course, there are other governments doing just that anyway.

You can also be absolutely sure that the NSA has better videos of what happened than does the IDF. Obama can count the nose hairs of some of the fallen victims if he wants.

The US recorded the whole thing in wide format and close up. It has the whole thing from before the Israelis ever left Israel. It has all the sounds and everything in full spectrum. It can tell you the size, force, and chemical makeup of everything that was used.

It can tell you who was on each deck and doing what.

Don't kid yourself that there weren't US subs around either and other means of seeing and hearing everything that went down.

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