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Tom Usher wrote or added | I received notice that the English Defence League [skinheads?] is holding a pro-Israeli protest outside the Israeli embassy [presumably in London] on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

Well, that answers my question of yesterday about where this English Defence League [British spelling of defense] stands vis-a-vis the racist, wholly anti-Christ Zionists. They aren't really neo-Nazis then, are they? They're probably infiltrated by crypto-Jew/Zionists.

Is the Wiki article naive what with the videos of the EDL members yelling clearly racial slurs and threatening indiscriminate violence on Muslims? They didn't appear to be a minority doing that within the EDL.

There's a counter demonstration. Don't advocate any violence! Those calling for this counter demonstration are calling for non-violence.

Advocate a sit-down, moderated, recorded (even broadcast) forum where people on all sides of this can debate the issues and tactics.

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