"Free Gaza, Respect International Waters." International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Source: www.ijsn.net

Tom Usher wrote or added | "We call on the states whose ships were attacked, and especially on Turkey, to react in a way that addresses the gravity of Israel's actions, going beyond the verbal rebukes dispensed on the occasion of previous outrages. Despite heated rhetoric, trade between Israel and Turkey grew 27% year over year in the first trimester of 2010. We call on Turkey to break diplomatic relations, suspend all trade and fully cut military ties with the apartheid state of Israel.

"We call on Switzerland to convene, as is its obligation, the high contracting parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention to discuss Israel's recurrent violations of international law and to hold it accountable. Let the world not be silent yet again in the face of a people abandoned."

Those are Jews calling for that.

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