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Tom Usher wrote or added | Well, I must say that it is apparent that Recep Erdogan is full of passion about this issue. Of course, he's a politician, but sometimes politicians just hold forth with basic human emotions that while carefully considered are nevertheless not so much cunning but yearning to break the old mold and to step out into the light.

I hear him say "punish" though. It is there that I step back. I don't seek Israelis' punishment but their repentance and atonement.

The Zionists are sick in their minds and hearts and souls. They are though human beings, our siblings who can heal if they will only overcome.

They have been wrong. Their plan, which was hatched back with Theodor Herzl, was misguided. Some land, any land, whether occupied or not, at first Uganda, but then Palestine (could it have been anywhere else what with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah), was to be taken by dark arts, by any means, by terror, by violence, by lies.

The first step is admission. The Zionists must soul search. The Zionists must face themselves in their mirrors and judge. They must see that they have done everything they hate in others when done to them. They must see that they are not better, have not been better, are not more deserving, but rather owe and should determine to serve and to give rather than take and be served. There is no other way out of Hell.

Now, Recep Erdogan considered providing a naval military escort for the Rachel Corrie; but discretion is the better part of valor, so he composed himself and put wisdom before wrath. I commend him for that. He took a brave step in that and in the interest of peace. He is giving peace a chance and will not go unrewarded in Heaven if he holds to his conviction.

Benjamin Netanyahu has miles to go before he reaches the level of intellect or sensitivity that Mr. Erdogan has demonstrated in his speech. Start, Mr. Netanyahu, start.

Dean Smithson: Another aid boat/ship is on it's way, even Tony Bliar says the blockade should end, but we know the zionists are stubborn gits.

Tom Usher

Hey Dean,

Good to hear you feel the blockade is wrong.

Yes, when even Tony Blair starts saying the right thing, you know the Zionists are in deep trouble.

Perhaps an anvil won't have to hit Benjamin Netanyahu in the head before he realizes he's lost, but then again....stubborn and thickheaded pretty much go hand-in-hand with the Zionists.

Betty Molchany Soul searching is never going to happen, Tom. They are mostly criminally insane. So, what do you do? allow them to continue? because you don't want to punish them?

Tom Usher

Well, Betty, you have to understand that were speaking on different wavelengths here. You are an atheist or an agnostic, but I assume you don't believe in spirit. I, on the other hand, do believe in spirit.

In order to answer you, I'd have to discuss it on a spiritual level. The answer though is that soul searching is not necessarily never going to happen. However, you already know that I'm a total pacifist. I'm assuming you know why.

The issue here concerns the power of the idea and the feelings it generates and what happens as a result.

What do you want, to blow their ships and boats out of the water and level their cities, etc.? Once you start down that path, you'll have to go for total, sudden war or risk a retaliatory strike. What's more though is that you need to consider how many Jews and Zionists there are in the US and in other countries and what they have in mind in the event of Israel being hit and hit hard.

You've written yourself that Israel has submarines. I really don't want to get into detail on it here because I don't want to give anyone ideas.

The thing is though that if they start to feel "existentially" threatened for real and feel the window is closing fast, they'll be tempted to act rashly. All Hell could break loose. How many Hiroshimas might there be?

When we drop the bombs, no one else had any. That's not how it is anymore.

More importantly though, are you of the view that peaceful flotillas being blocked by Israel has failed and been exhausted already for global impact? Why we haven't even started what the flotilla people have in mind. Every ship that's blocked will just change the dynamic and change the dynamic. Look at Egypt open the border. Look at Israel scrambling to look less fascistic.

Yes, it's only on the surface, but it's only just begun. I'm not saying it will take forever, but it's difficult for me to understand all the seeming desire for violence against the Zionists when this is the first crack in their armor in my lifetime.

I really shouldn't have to be defending the non-violent movement's power when hundreds of millions get behind it. If several billion get behind it, it can't lose. It would be impossible.

Look, this looks like weakness or a lack of non-violent resolve to the Zionists. They love that. Their on the prowl right now attacking me (and others) because they want to get a rise, a violent rise so they can hasten the fight before Americans have been "educated" to the approach the Zionists fear the most, which is that other people end up looking better than they do. That's their biggest fear – looking inferior, morally or otherwise.

Yes, they are insane, but they don't want others to conclude it. They scramble to cover it up, but their really bad at it because they don't understand yet just how much people have awakened concerning the wickedness. However, what happens in crises such as this is that quite often, people start that soul searching process even though it never occurred to them to do that before. Netanyahu can cry you know, and his circle can soften.

There are other "players" too. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could make a misstep here. So far, he's been just about right; but he has a penchant for being too "fearless" when it comes to Zionist saber rattling. It isn't just Zionist saber rattling though unless we can detach the US from the Zionists, which would be good for everyone, including the Zionists. If the Zionist get an opportunity to rush the US, the US is capable of incinerating the planet as no other and hasn't exactly been a paragon of morality lately.

Recep Erdogan did exactly the right thing by stepping back from playing the brinkmanship game. He didn't need to play that game. He doesn't need to. Playing that game isn't a way to win even a hot war. Again, though, I don't want to give anyone ideas.

So, get on board, yes? The Rachel Corrie is supposed to be pacifist. Rachel Corrie is someone because she stood for the other and took it without shooting back. She died to get this rolling. It's no accident that, that ship is named after her.

We are being read and appraised, Betty. The supercomputers are running hard on this. Resolve.


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