Global Reporting: Flotilla organizer Adam Shapiro: "We expected to be stopped but not shot at"

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Over the phone, Adam Shapiro, one of the organizers of Freedom Flotilla, is visibly upset: 'We expected Israel would have tried to stop us, we did talk about this, but we thought the chances they would use such violence were very little,' he said. 'We were sure Israel was going to stop us, this is why we wanted to show the world what the siege on Gaza is all about.'

"The Israeli government has said they were attacked by the peace activists. 'Israel always says they are attacked first,' retorted Adam Shapiro. 'However, this time they can't really, as it's all on tape: the Israeli soldiers dropped onto the deck of the ship and nobody among the activists had anything in their hands.'"

This is what we expected would come out. The most important thing to realize is that zero Israelis died even though at many points during the fighting, the passengers could have killed soldiers rather than just roughing them up. Rather than just whacking them, they could have use some of the implements to impale them. They were obviously not trying to kill them or "lynch" them, contrary to Netanyahu's claim.

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  1. Michael Farkash says:

    Shapiro how low could you get vis-a-vis your own people?.What kind of a Jew are you anyway? What happened to you?

    You should see a psychiatrist because your self-hatred as a Jew is beyond belief .Instead supporting your own people as they finally, after 2000 years, got their own country Israel you are supporting the modern day Nazis - the Arabs etc

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      The land you are on is land stolen via violence, murder, lies, terrorism, and more, perpetrated by fascistic Zionists. Any Jew who doesn't hate that about the Zionists is a snake. You seem to love the evil the Zionists have done. You seem to be a snake.

      Do you bite his heel? Will he crush your head? Do you know what I'm talking about?

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