Israel's Propaganda Machine Produces Photos That Imply Peace Activists Were Armed... With Pepper Spray

Tom Usher wrote or added | Oh, exactly what I had said earlier suspecting that the knives were from the ships galley (kitchen).

The photo for the knives is strange. Why are the knives on a background where it's nearly impossible to make out what's what?

2 of the 3 pepper spray cans are still in the plastic packaging.

The disk grinder is a standard tool. A ship that size should have a whole tool set.

Anyway, sure, lots of things can be used as weapons; but these things can be found on nearly any ship of that size.

It's a wonder they didn't find plenty more than this, what with hundreds of passengers.

It's all irrelevant anyway. Israel has no legal right to exist where it does what with how it came into being against international law that existed at the time and still does.

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