Netanyahu: World criticism won't stop Israel's blockade of Gaza [Yes it will if the Freedom Flotilla becomes completely non-violent] - Haaretz


Tom Usher wrote or added | "...the right of the State of Israel's to defend itself." What state of Israel? Just because you steal land and ethnically cleans the indigenous population by means of terrorism and wanton violence doesn't give you the right to be deemed a "state" on par with all other nations.

Also, this article shows that Netanyahu was warned that passengers might fight back — something he otherwise denied (claiming the Zionists were caught by surprise).

If he is so stupid as to be surprised by people defending themselves after having been warned (I'm saddened by the counter-violence but certainly wouldn't have dropped soldiers on board firing on their way down thinking it might not happen), then he has no business being a dog catcher (many of them have more brains and compassion), let alone a national leader.

Of course, we know he's lying about being surprised.

"Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser.

"He was against the raid and said the ships should be allowed to dock in Gaza in order to avoid a diplomatic and public relations crisis as well as the embarrassment to Israel that a violent confrontation with demonstrators on the ships could cause."

Now, Zvi Hauser clearly has more brains than the others Zionists. He needs to resign over this.

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