Targeted by Israeli raid [and false-propagandist Zionists]: Who is the IHH? -


Tom Usher wrote or added | "The current Turkish government has publicly supported the organization [IHH] and hinted that it might send an armed escort with the next ship or ships running the Israeli blockade of Gaza."

Careful, careful!

I had written before (many weeks) that this should not be done. The way to peace is via non-violence. The way to breaking the siege of the Gaza Concentration Camp is via non-violent action. Let the Israelis be the shameful barbarians. Don't be provoked to confront them on their immoral level. Be better than that.

World public opinion and American public opinion will grow and grow the more that more peaceful people are attacked or blocked, etc. Heated confrontation, violent confrontation, will lose the movement's best supporters.

You have to win the hearts and mind of the general American population to take away Israel's sole supporter in the UN Security Council. Be smart!

Tom Usher

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