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Tom Usher wrote or added | I can hardly understand a word they say.

The frustration and confusion of these young men would diminish greatly were leadership to stop being criminal gangsters and start doing what's right.

Bad leadership, bad government, causes more violent, unruly mob attitudes.

One wonders about the name, since it's obviously taken from the ultra-right Jewish Defense League and as a reaction to the Muslim Defense League as well.

Since they seem so anti-Muslim, what are their attitudes about the Zionists? Would they turn in violence upon Jews in England as soon as they're done with the Muslims? What's their position on all other non-English groups?

The English aren't exactly "pure." There's been plenty of intermarriage down through the centuries.

If for one, the banksters weren't allowed to do their so-called business cycle of blowing up economic bubbles and then bursting them, these young men would have good jobs and many great opportunities and prospects. They wouldn't be thinking the way they are.

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