Through peace, the US will no longer be able to grant militant Zionists full immunity

Hasna Elmoumane of Gaza Boat Convoy Uk wrote the following:

"The immediate reaction of Turkey was to announce military escort for the delayed ship "MV Rachel Corrie" who is still to sail into Gaza to deliver aid. This has now, wisely been taken back."

Fighting the Zionist with violence will only help them. The little bit of fighting that was done hurt the cause of the Gazans. The Zionists will be helpless if the people don't fight them.

Have faith in the power of God to win through peace. This has nothing to do with being afraid.

The Rachel Corrie has brave souls on board who will face down the Zionists again. This time if the people don't fight, the Zionists will look even worse. They will look like exactly what they are, worse than the White supremacist Afrikaners in the old South Africa.

I know this is hard for people, but you will see.

Pray for the people on the Rachel Corrie that they turn the other cheek.

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