Twitter-Session Digest for: June 2, 2010 #2

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: June 2, 2010- REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. Gaza Freedom Flotilla Shows Awesome Power of Nonviolent Resistance. Well, it did until the Turks and others fought... #

  3. "Barack Obama: Liar, Warlord, and Corporate Shill," by Stephen Lendman – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  4. Gaza flotilla drives Israel into a sea of stupidity – Haaretz – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  5. Call from Gaza for global response to killings on the Freedom Flotilla | International Solidarity - REAL LIBERAL CHRIST #

  6. Monsanto's Poison Pills for Haiti – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  7. Too Big To Jail? Executives Unscathed as Regulators Let Banks Report Criminal Fraud - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  8. [US Senator] Cantwell key in stalled bank-overhaul vote | Seattle Times Newspaper - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  9. Report exposes banking flaws that sent Iceland into meltdown | Business | The Guardian - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  10. A billion for G20 security "is worth it" - just who and what are they afraid of? by Paul Jay | TRNN - RLCC #

  11. The English Defence League [EDL] uncovered | UK news | - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  12. Facebook attack tricks users into 'liking' malicious links | InSecurity Complex – CNET News - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  13. Gulf Coast Oil Spill [Oil Leak] – Yahoo! News Photos – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  14. Israel's flotilla raid revives [spurious] questions of international law - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  15. Targeted by Israeli raid [and false-propagandist Zionists]: Who is the IHH? – - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  16. IHH INSANI YARDIM VAKFI – The Free Gaza, Freedom Flotilla aspect of Turkey - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  17. English Defence League [misled by crypto-Jews?] – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  18. Israel prepares for showdown with [NATO's Turkey] new Gaza aid flotilla [The Rachel Corrie] - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  19. Netanyahu: World criticism won't stop Israel's blockade of Gaza [It will if the Freedom Flotilla becomes non-violent] #

  20. @TomUsher See these comments: in reply to TomUsher #

  21. "If you want to vent your spleen & help Israel & AIPAC, talk Zionists & Zionism." - Rob Kall. Someone's a Zionist here. #

  22. Through peace, the US will no longer be able to grant militant Zionists full immunity - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  23. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #burien #christian #politics #economics #environment #energy #

  24. Interesting numbers right now: 888 following, 666 followers #

  25. "74% Have Favorable Opinion of U.S. Military" Kill, kill, kill. "Thou knowest the commandments, ...Do not kill...." (Mark 10:19) #

  26. The "pistols" that the IDF "found" on the Turkish ship were from the Israeli soldiers. Israel admitted this, but the lie had spread. #

  27. The Zionists said they found knives on the ship. Where did they find the knives, in the galley drawers? I'm not kidding. They stretch & lie. #

  28. Response in Israel to aid ship attack #

  29. Following GlobalReporting freelance journalist writing about politics #

  30. CENSORED Mainstreem Media - Israelis Demonstrate Against Facism Gaza Aid Boat Ship Flotilla #

  31. Glenn Greenwald Destroys MSNBC's Israeli lapdog Apologist #

  32. @KyleHillusion "They already started transporting the cargo into Gaza." So what? They also said they wouldn't allow cement & other things. #

  33. @udumlib "you wouldnt know a zion if it slapped you in the face" Where does one begin correcting you? in reply to udumlib #

  34. @savvyconsumer7 You think that no nation that has committed genocide can ever engage in liberation or humanitarianism? That's anti-Christ. in reply to savvyconsumer7 #

  35. @Ron_Woodward "Does any serious person believe Zionists are more terrorist than Iran?" Iran is not perfect, but worse than Israel? How so? in reply to Ron_Woodward #

  36. @edwardvirtually You wrote, "i block its apologists without warning." There're lots of Zionist trolls created just for the Freedom Flotilla. in reply to edwardvirtually #

  37. Facebook Links for: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  38. Everyone Is NOT Released - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  39. t r u t h o u t | Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  40. "Planet Chomsky vs. Dershowitz's Orbit," by Gilad Atzmon – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  41. Global Corporations Now Eclipse the Power of Sovereign States: We are at Their Mercy | - RLCC #

  42. Full Text of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Speech on Israel's Attack on Freedom Flotilla | Dissident Voice - RLCC #

  43. Global Reporting: Flotilla organizer Adam Shapiro: "We expected to be stopped but not shot at" - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  44. CENSORED Mainstream Media – Israelis Demonstrate Against Fascism | Gaza Freedom Flotilla – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  45. "Free Gaza, Respect International Waters." International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  46. Another Lame, Zionist Whopper: "40 of the 'Peace Activists' on Gaza Flotilla Are Al-Qaeda" - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  47. Netanyahu's [fascist] father discusses the peace process: excerpts from the exclusive Maariv interview - RLCC #

  48. Israel's Propaganda Machine Produces Photos That Imply Peace Activists Were Armed... With Pepper Spray - RLCC #

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