Twitter-Session Digest for: June 2, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 31, 2010 #2 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt2 #

  3. Hezbollah & the modern history of Lebanon #

  4. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt4 #

  5. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt3 #

  6. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt6 #

  7. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt5 #

  8. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt8 #

  9. Hezbollah and the modern history of Lebanon Pt7 #

  10. Finance Bill mostly window dressing Pt2 #

  11. Finance bill doesn't prevent "structural blackmail" #

  12. Banks still the powerhouse in DC #

  13. Following @DylanRatigan A Mainstream News guy who says "banksters" and means it. #

  14. The Gods of Money - German style #

  15. Home Wind Turbine, Home Wind Turbines #

  16. Tom | In reference to the Freedom Flotilla attack and the siege of Gaza, the BRussells Tribunal writes, "All legal... #

  17. IDF video of their assault on the Freedom Flotilla shows passengers attempting to repel the illegal boarding. It's IDF self-incrimination. #

  18. Where's the IDF very hi-res recording of the sound, flash, heat, source, and direction of each gun shot on the Freedom Flotilla? #


  20. 21-yr-old Emily Henochowicz, US, shot in the face with a teargas canister by IDF at Qalandiya checkpoint, Palestine, has lost her left eye. #

  21. Press TV-On The Edge with Max Keiser-05-28-2010(Part2) #

  22. Press TV-On The Edge with Max Keiser-05-28-2010(Part3) #

  23. Press TV-On The Edge with Max Keiser-05-28-2010(Part1) #

  24. Press TV-The Real Deal-05-30-2010(Part1) #

  25. Press TV-The Real Deal-05-30-2010(Part2) #

  26. Mossad Chief Meir Dagan says that "Israel is gradually turning from an asset to the United States to a burden." It's no longer gradual. #

  27. To excuse the IDF, Israel FM Avigdor Lieberman said 500+ people were killed last month in Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq & India. #

  28. Avigdor Lieberman needs to wake up. Once the Palestinian problem is over, the world will still turn to the deaths in Thailand, Afghanista... #

  29. WA state: Tea Party is Republican wing. 66% Republicans v. 8% Democrats "somewhat approve" or "strongly approve" of the Tea Party movement. #

  30. AP: 2006, "Hamas wins Palestinian parliamentary elections. Western powers declare Hamas a terrorist group." 2007, US-Israel fund Fatah coup. #

  31. 2007-8: Israel violates terms of ceasefire, breaks ceasefire, invades Gaza, targets/kills hundreds of noncombatants, uses illegal weapons... #

  32. World public opinion is forcing Israel to free all Freedom Flotilla passengers. The US can no longer grant militant Zionists full immunity. #

  33. Obama is twice wrong: "...better ways [than Freedom Flotilla] to provide humanitarian assistance...without undermining Israel's security." #

  34. 1st, the Freedom Flotilla was the best way to provide humanitarian aid. 2nd, the Jewish people's security is best served by ending Zionism. #

  35. Freedom Flotilla: There is no legal right for ethnic-cleansing, war-criminal land thieves to claim self-defense against victim-rescuers. #

  36. The UN Security Council (includes US) condemns "acts which resulted in the loss of ... civilians and many wounded" on the Freedom Flotilla. #

  37. I just tried to help the Wikipedia with the font-size issue in their new version: #

  38. "France urges rapid adoption of Iran sanctions." Israel has a "secret" nuclear weapons program. Why trust terrorist Zionists more than Iran? #

  39. Waves of unarmed, non-violent Freedom Flotillas need to overwhelm racist, supremacist, Apartheid Zionists. #

  40. Supremacist Zionists must give back the Freedom Flotilla ships & all cargo they are preventing from entering the Gaza Concentration Camp. #

  41. It's the Gaza Concentration Camp created by racist, fascist Zionists. The Freedom Flotilla is right, though strict non-violence is the way. #

  42. The cargo ship the Rachel Corrie is coming. Bravo! The Freedom Flotilla is brave for truth. It is the spirit of the law written on hearts. #

  43. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said "Israel's legitimate security needs must be met." Was she for the White-Supremacist South Africa? #

  44. If Zionists, secular or Babylonian Talmudist, want to feel "secure" in the face of Freedom Flotillas, let them repent of racism & elitism. #

  45. Netanyahu claims they were surprised, but they had been saying before that Freedom Flotilla passengers wanted Zionist violence. How stupid! #

  46. Nations break relations with illegitimate, racist Zionist Project over attack on Freedom Flotilla to liberate Gaza Concentration Camp #

  47. UN Security Council and NATO demand immediate release of all six Freedom Flotilla vessels. #

  48. Britain, France, Russia, & China demand Zionists lift blockade of Gaza Concentration Camp. Meanwhile, Obama still kisses banksters' hands. #

  49. Obama "stopped short of specifically condemning Israel" for attacking the Freedom Flotilla. That's bad government: shades of neocon Bush. #

  50. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: the loss of life on the Freedom Flotilla was "absolutely unjustified." Correct! Why hasn't Obama said it? #

  51. Recall Obama's silence at Operation Cast Lead. He hid behind that "we have one President at a time" (but only concerning Zionism). #

  52. Ban Ki-moon: "Had Israelis heeded to my lifting the blockade of Gaza, this tragic incident would not have happened." He's grown. #

  53. The World Council of Churches says Israel broke international law by attacking the Freedom Flotilla. Israel broke the law of God! #

  54. The world, left and right, except for the US, condemns Israel's attack on the Freedom Flotilla to liberate the Gaza Concentration Camp. #

  55. The US government in the form of neocon Barack Obama does not speak for this American. I condemn the Zionist attack on the Freedom Flotilla. #

  56. This will be the first time in history since the founding of the UN that the US and Israel will not get their way. Mark my words well! #

  57. The whole world must condemn the United States for mincing words in an attempt to protect guilty Israel over this Freedom Flotilla attack. #

  58. End violence, greed, & depravity. Bring forth total pacifism, the giving-and-sharing-all economic system, & only righteous sexual standards. #

  59. When we end war, environmental destruction, slavery, poverty, hunger, and homelessness, it will lead to things even more miraculous. #

  60. The global Mainstream Media must be sure all eyes are on the cargo ship the Rachel Corrie heading for Gaza as part of the Freedom Flotilla. #

  61. If anything happens to the Rachel Corrie, part of the Freedom Flotilla, heading to help liberate the Gaza Concentration Camp, we will know. #

  62. Opening the land crossings and checkpoints to and from Gaza isn't good enough anymore. The Gaza Concentration Camp must be fully liberated. #

  63. Gaza Concentration Camp must be liberated by land, sea, and air. Zionist tyranny over Gaza must end completely, no ifs, ands, or buts. #

  64. Barack Obama rejected an independent United Nations investigation into the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla. He's a lousy President. #

  65. By rejecting an independent UN investigation into the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla, Obama makes America stink among the nations. #

  66. The only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one state that is not "Jewish" or "Muslim" but good neighborly for each and all. #

  67. Israel UN envoy Daniel Carmon: "What...peace activists use attack soldiers who board...[per] law?" Peace activists, knives, law? #

  68. Russia & China would be foolish not to obtain an independent UN investigation on the Freedom Flotilla before agreeing to anything US/Israel. #

  69. Anglo-American-Israeli Zionism/neoconservatism has been the gravest of dangers to world peace and prosperity. #

  70. US: "Among those younger than age 30, identical percentages react positively to "socialism" and "capitalism" (43% each)" - Pew Research #

  71. US: Most of those who have a positive reaction to 'socialism' also have a positive reaction to 'capitalism'." - Pew Research. Mixed economy. #

  72. "72% of Hungarians say that most people in their country are actually worse off today economically than they were under communism." - Pew #

  73. Law professor Allen Weiner says, "...blockade...not international waters to enforce it." He knows the blockade is illegal. #

  74. Israel is not legal. It stole most of the land it's on & ethnically cleans it via terrorism & violence. It dishonored statehood provisions. #

  75. The Zionist-neocons work overtime trying to paint IHH as bad for supporting Gazans. Being against those IHH efforts is becoming the new bad. #

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