Freedom Flotilla Ship "Rachel Corrie" may arrive by Saturday - Israel News, Ynetnews

Tom Usher wrote or added | The "Rachel Corrie" is an Irish ship and part of the Freedom Flotilla to loosen and liberate the concentration camp created out of Gaza by the Zionists. The Rachel Corrie is headed to Gaza right now, and if not seized by the Israelis, is expected to arrive there Saturday morning. Her passengers have made some very important statements to the Likud and for the world to hear.

The passengers said, "We don't plan on resisting. In the event that your men are stupid enough to come and arrest us, we will sit down and not resist. It would not be wise for the government of Israel to direct its brutal violence towards us." Concerning the Marmara, which is the Turkish ship on which some passengers fought back against the Israel Defense Force (IDF), they said, "There were never such problems on sails to Gaza. We object to violence, which is why before we left we searched the ship to make sure there were no guns or weapons of any kind on board. The crew members were also checked by officials." "These are supposed to be violence-free, weapons-free ships." "We believe in a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and believe it can be solved through negotiations."

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