Zionist Psy-Ops Brinkmanship in The Wall Street Journal: "Ronen Bergman: Siege Fatigue and the Flotilla Mistake"

Tom Usher wrote or added | This Wall Street Journal article reeks. It is an obvious attempt (exposed/failed) by a Neocon-Zionist to get out in front of, and to ruin, what is happening and working all too well. Don't fall for it.

It is psy-ops brinkmanship, perception management. It is a ploy to get the world to stop doing the right thing out of fear that Israel no longer cares what the rest of the world thinks, including America. It's total hogwash. They care so much that it's ripping them apart.

This is Henry Paulson dropping to his knee before Nancy Pelosi begging her to fall for Paulson's fearmongering that if the tax payers don't bailout the banksters, the economy will collapse and there will be martial law. He promised loans but immediately showed his real stripes in the form of all the obscene bonuses and record "profits" in the debauched currency that is underpinned by more of the same (a shell game for suckers). It gave us banksters given zero interest loan proceeds parked at the Federal Reserve that is paying those banksters interest from the taxes of hard workers. The lending to small businesses and consumers at "reasonable" rates was never intended. It was bait and switch. The same mentality is at work here with the Neocon-Zionists. It's a fake, a trick, a false-hearted, evil ploy, evil means for an evil end that is Zionist supremacy never intended by God and Jesus Christ or any other righteous soul.

Look, all the world's Zionists and Jews are not in Israel. New York, for instance, is loaded with Jews. The idea that the Likud will "go it alone" without the US and even against the US is ridiculous on its face.

Do you remember Zbigniew Brzezinski's idea of shooting down any Israeli planes bound for Iran to attack it? The Pentagon heard him. The Pentagon came out later saying that Israel is harming the US's ability to (fill in the blank) in the Middle East. The Mossad knows this and is not going to go against the US and the world unless it is planning wholesale suicide, which it is not!

No, what needs to happen is that the people of the world stay the course, as in liberating Gaza and the West Bank, etc., from Zionist covetousness and by peaceful means, such as the Rachel Corrie.

Barack Obama has heard the Zionist-Neocons surrounding him saying how Israel must be able to prevent weapons being used against the Zionist Project called Israel. However, the world knows that Hamas does not have to stay the same. Sinn Féin is the perfect example, and Hamas knows it, as do the Zionists.

Also, boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning Israel are still options the states and the UN itself can take. Israel cannot afford to be treated as it has treated Gaza. How could Israel go it alone without "trade"?

Most importantly though, if the Zionists mean to hold the whole world hostage under an ultimatum that those Zionists will deliberately start WWIII if they aren't allowed to get their way vis-a-vis creating "Greater Israel," then human life on this planet isn't worth it. Some things are worth giving up the ghost, and standing against Israeli aggression and land-grabbing and all the other wholly immoral acts is one of them.

Lastly, to the so-called Christian-Zionists out there, the Zionists are a hodge-podge of secular humanists, sociopaths, and Babylonian Talmudic Jews (anti-Christ with a vengeance) and non-Jews masquerading as Jews since at least the Herodians, who were kings of the Jews but were not Jews. The fact that the spirit of prophecy is bound up in the testimony of the revelation of Jesus Christ does not mean that anyone is supposed to work to bring about evil by evil. Christian-Zionism is pure sin in that it facilitates evil means under the completely misguided and anti-Christ idea that hastening the day of the LORD is a good thing that Jesus supports. The day of the LORD is dark. It's the loosening of Satan to be wrathful against flesh. Self-styled Christian-Zionists won't be raptured anywhere. They'll live in the Hell they helped bring forth via their violent spirits, their lying souls that of darkness and not light.

Here's another take on the Wall Street Journal piece: http://original.antiwar.com/lobe/2010/06/02/israels-defenders-mobilize-threaten/

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