This is wrong: "Flotilla's Goal Was Not Humanitarian: A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders"

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Tom Usher wrote or added | First of all, not everyone on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is or was a total pacifist. Their view of humanitarianism includes liberating a concentration camp called Gaza from the concentration-camp creators and maintainers: Zionists.

Second, the Zionists have zero rights over Gaza simply on account of the fact that the Zionist "state" only exists in the minds of the corrupt who accept Zionist lies about the history of Palestine and also accept Zionist terrorism, land theft, and war crimes: Zionist covetousness.

Third, Israel does not deliver either enough or the right things the Gazans need for a reasonable quality of life.

Fourth, "As for the PR war, even before Israeli forces boarded the Gaza armada, the Jerusalem Post reported, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told supporters, 'If the ships reach Gaza, it's a victory for Gaza. If they are intercepted and terrorized by the Zionists, it will be a victory for Gaza, too, and they will move again in new ships to break the siege of Gaza.'" No kidding? The reason that's true is because Zionism was and is wrong. If Zionism had been right or were right, Haniyeh's statement wouldn't be true. The world wouldn't back the end of the illegal siege of Gaza.

Fifth, who's a "terrorist"? Is Hamas a terrorist group while the Irgun and Stern Gang, which inevitably came out from Ze'ev Jabotinsky's Zionism, were or are not? If we can't have Hamas, then we can't have Zionism. We can't have Zionism; so it must go, and Hamas must convert too. That's how it is.

Sixth, "When journalists interviewed the brother of Furkan Dogan, 19, a Turkish American who was killed during the melee and whose body was returned to Turkey, The New York Times reported that the brother replied, 'We didn't expect him to come back like this. However, we were not sorry to hear that he fell like a martyr.' Be it noted, the usual way to become a martyr in the Middle East is to die while trying to kill other people. So spare me the 'humanitarian' conceit." You will note the typical Zionist twisting going on there where Debra J. Saunders conveniently assumes two things: 1) "the usual way to become a martyr in the Middle East is to die while trying to kill other people" and 2) that's what Furkan Dogan's brother was referring to. Everyone who is standing up to the murderous Zionists is a martyr under Islam. If the person is peaceful and still standing up to them and is likewise murdered, that person is still a martyr under Islam and also for peace. If the person is a Christian, he or she is also a Christian martyr. So, no, Debra, we won't "spare" you, but it's not humanitarian conceit. It's called truth.

Seventh, Americans and Europeans who boarded the flotilla did so because the Zionists are racist, fascists who never had a right to steal Palestinian lands, terrorize people, ethnically cleans Palestine, or conduct war crimes against all sorts of people. Also, the tunnels from Gaza are big enough to fit a nuclear weapon, yet Israel hasn't been incinerated yet by Hamas. Grow up, Debra. Your use of the terms "extremists" and "radical Islam" here is ridiculous. Who in the Likud is not an extreme Zionist? As for Islam and being radical, of course. Islam has a root (radical) belief system that includes liberating those who are oppressed under whatever, including Zionism. Now, you may have a valid objection to certain interpretations of sharia, but to insist that anyone who fights against Zionists is bad even while you hold that fighting, per se, is not forbidden, shows you are a shallow, disingenuous thinker.

"Other Israelis question the embargo itself. In banning the importation of such innocent goods as instant coffee, dried fruit and nutmeg, as well as the export of Gaza agricultural produce, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gambled that Palestinians would see no future in Hamas and turn on its leaders. That gamble has not paid off." Well, you get some credit for that.

"But then it's hard to win when there are so many guns pointed at your back, and you are held to standards not applied to the true despots of the world, who are not afraid to bite back." However, right there, you lose the credit you would otherwise have been able to hold. This is because you are a Zionist who thinks that Zionists had a right to do all the evil things I've mentioned above, which means you're insane – not knowing right from wrong.

"Think about it. A team of international investigators found that North Korea sank a South Korean warship in March, killing 46 sailors. But I don't think you'll see many American peace activists on a flotilla to North Korea." The Zionists didn't pick Korea but Palestine to steal. Also, you haven't convinced the whole world that the North Koreans sank a South Korean warship. It was reportedly a German torpedo, and the Zionist recently obtained German subs, no doubt with German torpedoes to fit. Considering that the regime you are defending used white phosphorus on the Gazans and then continued to deny it (some idiot Zionists are still going about the US denying it), why should anyone believe the Zionists about North Korea? I don't think the Zionists are necessarily more trustworthy than are the North Koreans. I think the North Koreans are rightly afraid of being devoured by the global Plutocrats who don't really give a damn about any nation-state but rather their own personal, private, special privileges that come from the Ponzi scheme of banksters (with a huge percentage of them being Zionists) giving them unGodly wealth, power, and control.

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