Attempted ignoring of Jesus Christ to mask ethnic cleansing due to covetousness: "Christian Friends and Foes of Israel," by David R. Parsons | Institute for Global Jewish Affairs


Tom Usher wrote or added | This is a long-winded, beat-round-the-bush essay in support of what cannot be and that's Christian Zionism. I don't want to belabor it. Let's cut right through it. The only covenant that remains from God to Israel says that those who repent and admit to Jesus Christ will be welcomed back home.

The fact that scripture suggests that God won't give up on the descendants of Jacob only says that God is saying the descendants of Jacob who remain (the remnant) will repent and admit to Jesus Christ. That's the one and only Christian position possible. Everything to the contrary claiming to be Christian is flat out wrong on the issue and is anti-Christ.

There is no such thing as a real Christian who turns a blind eye to the savagery, even self-described "mad dog" actions, of what is today incorrectly called the state of Israel. The "state" is anti-Christ in the extreme and is not supportable in its actions. The same thing applies to each and every nation that engages in similar acts whether that state or nation be the United States, Iran, Turkey, Honduras, Chad, North or South Korea, or any other.

All the nations will voluntarily repent and admit to Jesus Christ in the end, the real Jesus, not the one twisted for greed, violence, or sexual depravity of any kind, any harm whatsoever, whether physical or psychical (spiritual or concerning the soul apart from the flesh). It is the case because there is no other voice that if we were all to follow would lead to pure righteousness that is completeness: no corruption, no death, no pain, no suffering, just pure love that is never selfish apart from God. God is the one, the whole, the one soul of souls.

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