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Tom Usher wrote or added | Scott Horton of http://antiwar.com/radio/ was angry here (justified in the face of what's been happening in Gaza and elsewhere), but US Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida was two things. First, it's undeserved pridefulness showing forth from him to suggest that he somehow deserves respect for being a Congressman. Second, he said that the reason he hadn't spoken out on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla attack was because he hadn't been asked.

Now, this says that he was being careful not to offend Zionists. Clearly, Alan Grayson does not say Israel does not have a right to exist on stolen lands — largely stolen (solidified?) after the holocaust in which an estimated 11 million died in concentration camps with an estimated 6 million of those being Jews.

One would think rather than be for stealing, they would have developed sympathy for the oppressed. The opposite though has been glaring forth from Israeli Zionism.

However, the racist Zionist Project predated the Nazis by many decades — predated even WWI, let alone WWII. What kind of "moral" characters were being interned and exterminated anyway in the view of the Nazis? Lump all the Jews together just as the Zionists lump all the Palestinians together, was that it? It seems so.

Yes, the holocaust never should have happened no matter the numbers involved; and certainly, it is absolutely wrong to say "all Jews" this or "all Jews" that. Jews run the spectrum. Only the Zionists are on the extreme right-wing and fascist in any large numbers, and I'm opposed to exterminating them. I am not though opposed to them exterminating their own selfishness that has brought forth the evil result we see throughout Palestine.

So, the Zionists had designs on other people's lands and by terrorism, lies, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and other evil means, they have created so-called "facts on the ground." Well, those "facts" can be rolled back and should be. The question is not whether but how. The question to Alan Grayson is when is he going to stand up regardless of whether or not he's asked a specific question on it?

He says to come up with a plan for Israeli security. Well, drop Zionism, repent, and work to atone. That's the best path to security. Ask the South Africans.

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