No Zionist shame: In your face, "We lie!" "Our PR amateurs" - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews


Tom Usher wrote or added | Holy Spirit! This guy thinks that the "professional" PR person for Israel will be the best twister. Actually, I'm not surprised at all.

He's not ashamed to say this stuff right out. He even gives the reason: This is TV. Yes, the world won't dig. However, he's completely wrong. Let me tell you why.

He's wrong because the truth is that the truth really will win out. The losers are on both sides. Do you want to know why? [He likes to put everything in the form of a question and then answer. I do it too, but he's overkill on it.] The reason is because neither side tells the whole truth. They both compete to see which one can shade the truth the most. However, the first side that starts telling the whole truth will win. That's the holy truth!

Now, here's a little more digging into it. The battle isn't for the hearts and minds of the regular masses first and foremost always, etc. It's also at exactly the same time for the hearts and minds and souls of the now elitists who can give voice to the cause once they convert. So this "professional" spinsters can try all that he might, but if the elitists finally start to wake up, the spinsters will also convert or end up in the Lake of Fire of their own conjuring.

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