Glenn Beck loves American Nazi sympathizers: Promotes book by prominent Hitler advocate of the 1930s: Elizabeth Dilling

Tom Usher wrote or added | Yes, Glenn Beck has gone way beyond the pale here. It's true. I've been to the websites where this gal is lauded, and the racism really does show through no matter how hard they try to mask/qualify their positions. They give anti-Zionism a bad name.

Some of the sites have legitimate content mixed in. Some of them have 90%-plus legitimate points; but for the sites to become valid, they have to denounce certain things (such as Dilling's pro-Nazism) and have a mix of countervailing materials. Most of the sites that hold up Elizabeth Dilling don't do those things at all.

I've been called a neo-Nazi because of my anti-Zionism and because I do use valid points even when those points are shared by people with whom I otherwise disagree, such as over Nazism. Racism and ethnic bigotry stink. It's why I hate Zionism, which is hugely racist as proven by its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Ironic isn't it that Zionists automatically call anti-Zionists "neo-Nazis."

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