Racist, Apartheid Zionist Ethnic-Cleansing "Choir" Fails To Con the World

Tom Usher wrote or added | The minds that could come up with this are minds that excuse ethnic cleansing and call themselves the victims.

These people couldn't care less and have no clue how shockingly obnoxious this video is to so many who don't know the depths of Zionist evil. The Zionist kill others at a minimum at a 100:1 ratio, but call themselves victims. They rain down white phosphorus indiscriminately and then lie about it to the people watching the very video of the weapon being used on the Gazans. Now they'll sing you into what, a weak-minded stupor? The con artists point the finger at those they murdered at a rate of at least 9 to zero and call the murdered the con artists.

Who are the idiots who will be reinforced in their support of the racist, apartheid Zionists upon seeing and hearing this video: Christian Zionists, neocons? They lose. It's prophesied. It's real.

"No, what you are seeing is not what you are seeing. You are hypnotized. You are under our spell." Well, I'm not hypnotized or under your spell, but it is you who are the epitome of those possessed by evil permeating their hearts, minds, and souls. How you will escape damnation if you don't repent is beyond me.

If you are, as is, the righteous, superior chosen of God, then God is insane; but I know God is not insane but that it is only you who have so far shown yourselves to be morally depraved. You pride yourselves on being the better stock. Your evil fruits give you away.

If you want to be better, act like it. Be a people the world can look up to rather than down upon from a more moral, more enlightened, superior position.

You say you have the right to self-defense but deny it to Turks on a boat with no weapons for Gazans and no smuggled weapons to use to fight illegal Israeli boarders, and that boarding was illegal and immoral and anti-God.

You are unrepentant land-thieves. You are not forgiven for your land theft while you remain unrepentant. This is so because you knew and know full well that you have stolen the land via lies, terrorism, threats, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, assassinations, bribes, and all manner of evil.

Your nation is divided and will fall, again. Although, you don't really represent the house of Jacob. Jacob is in heaven with Jesus, your prophet and messiah that your fathers told you that you would reject and murder.

Your salvation lies only in accepting the one who came with the truth that you rejected because you feared exposure. You are being exposed now as never before. You expose yourselves with such shameless displays as this depraved video.

Yes, I have said that the Turks were wrong to use violence against you; but you use violence all the time and have zero right to talk against the Turks, as you are not their betters, far from it right now.

I hope the Turks will be wise enough to see their way clear to taking away your lame excuse for murdering people who could have killed many of your soldiers right then and there but did not.

Dean Smithson: 11 unfunny Zionists useless singers, they are the consters who twist the truth, we won't be fooled, Gaza will be free one day to build and prosper.

Tom Usher

I get to writing so fast that I just don't catch my typos. "I not hypnotized" obviously should be "I'm not hypnotized."

I'm leaving out words here and there, and it especially happens when I'm passionate about the subject and don't get enough sleep because I want to counter the Zionist's propaganda in my small corner of cyberspace. I want it out there against them so people (at least some of them) will hear or read a different way to view the situation.

Dean, amen to what you wrote. Thank you.

Have you had any experiences concerning the EDL over there? They seem to have created quite a stir.

You don't strike me as anything close to the "hooligan" temperament, thankfully.

By the way, I meant to ask you on your earlier comment on another post, what exactly is a "git"? The place I remember it is John Lennon singing it in (oh, I can't remember the name of the song, but I can hear it in my head). I think it was in their double album, the White Album.

Dean Smithson: The EDL is very anti-Islamic extremist, it is multi racial grouping and likes to stir the Islamics by waving the Israeli flag, which I loath to see. A git is foolish undesirable basically.

Tom Usher

Yes, that's what I thought about git from the context in the song.

I saw a couple of videos of the EDL. I couldn't understand what they were saying. My ear isn't trained to their dialect(s) at all. I don't have any problem with the standard news anchor or reader or whatever term you use for them there, but the EDL members may as well have been speaking Greek.

Peace to you, Dean. Stay safe.

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