EUROPE: Flotilla Raid Fires Up Israel Lobby - IPS

Tom Usher wrote or added | Israel has had an unfair advantage over the rest of the world in that it's development was the most heavily subsidized per capita by the U.S. of any nation-state by a huge factor, some say by a factor of 23. Any state could excel with that kind of input.

The US is the biggest debtor nation and is fighting trillion dollar wars. What business does it have heavily subsidizing Israelis when the US has some 15%+ (a very conservative estimate) living in poverty right here in America?

The Americans will be told that we need to slash and privatize entitlements when what we really need is to slash the Pentagon and let other people fight their own damn wars while we advocate for peace and get our economy back in the black by generating clean, green manufacturing the way we should have decades ago.

To hell with laissez-faire capitalism. It's a stupid system. The most advance nations are the ones with a combination of the lowest income gap and the highest overall quality of life. The US brings up nearly the bottom of the barrel in those categories, although you'd never know it by listening to the Libertarians who avoid the points I just made like the plague. They act like the people living with a higher national/aggregate quality of life is cramping their liberty. Being free of a low quality of life is not worthless. They aren't cheating the US by having the system they do either. What's the problem other than that the greediest of the greedy have duped more in the US than anywhere else on the planet?

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