"First they came for the Jews"? That's a False-Propaganda Ploy of Zionists

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists, ...."

The Zionists have tried to revise it to: "First they came for the Jews." Of course, they, the Nazis, didn't come first for the Jews. Hitler did though preach that the Communists were headed up by "the Jews." He also did strike out at "the Jews" early on right along with his hatred for Marxism and especially Leninism-Stalinism, Stalin being his contemporary.

The important thing here though is the propaganda twisting by certain Jews who are invariably about their deceptive work of painting the Jews as the most victimized individuals in history for the sake of garnering never-ending sympathy and an immoral license to victimize others by reason of the Zionists' fractured psyche, as if other various nations and tribes/families haven't been on the receiving end of equally if not more depraved actions.

The Zionists though must be called to overcome the trauma and stop being "the abused become abuser" no matter who started the cycle of abuse. The other nations of the world must demand that the Zionists do this: overcome. Overcoming is the right thing for them to do, and it is showing love of neighbor and brother and sister to tell them this: truth.

Nature itself is savage, but we've eaten from the proverbial forbidden tree of the knowledge of the difference between good and evil (knowing evil); so now it is incumbent upon us to eat of the tree of life that can only be done by choosing only the good fruit or good knowledge (consciously individually and collectively rejecting evil that is selfishness or harmful in any way to the whole and any of its parts).

In addition, people add in "homosexuals"; but according to Martin Niemoller, he had not included them. This is not to say that he felt they should have been placed in concentration camps and/or exterminated.

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