TODAY IN HISTORY: USS Liberty (June 8th 1967) Original

TODAY IN HISTORY: USS Liberty (June 8th 1967) Original

Tom Usher wrote or added | I'm no militarist, but this incident happened on this day, June 8, in 1967. It's never been investigated.

The US Secretary of Defense was told by the President to recall the US Navy fighters sent to protect the USS Liberty, the same President who lied about the Gulf of Tonkin to get the American people to agree to ratcheting up that war even after he, Lyndon Johnson, had smeared Barry Goldwater as a warmonger.

Everyone on board the USS Liberty was ordered never to speak of the attack at all, even to their wives, or they'd face severe discipline. There had been a total blackout/cover-up from the Oval Office on down until relatively recently.

The Israelis knew exactly who they were trying to sink. The US flag was flying the whole time. The Zionists kept attacking the Liberty for 1 1/2 hours after they had told the US they were sorry for making the "mistake." The NSA heard them admitting it was a US ship. People in their ranks blew the whistle too, but nothing ever happened.

There was some plan that depended upon the USS Liberty going down with all hands; but because the ship wouldn't sink, the plan couldn't be carried out. If the ship had gone down without having been able to communicate its distress, the Johnson administration could have lied about it in any way they would have wanted, just as they lied the US into passing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that opened up the dreadful, barbaric, wholly unnecessary Vietnam War.

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