Twitter-Session Digest for: June 9, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: June 6, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. Battle for the Holocaust 4 6. #

  3. Battle for the Holocaust 1 6.. #

  4. Battle for the Holocaust 2 6. #

  5. Battle for the Holocaust 3 6. #

  6. Battle for the Holocaust 5 6 #

  7. Battle for the Holocaust 6 6 #

  8. Aid Delayed: 'Rachel Corrie' cargo refused by Hamas as ship enters Israeli port #

  9. Alex Jones: Bilderberg used us as engine for 'covert empire', but people wake up! #

  10. Drug Crop Con: Opium 'Sunflowers' Pop Up In India #

  11. US State Department spokesperson Philip J. Crowley said the US "cannot validate that" the IHH has connections to al-Qaeda. #

  12. US State Dept. spokesperson Philip J. Crowley: "the Ä°HH...has not been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the United States." #

  13. The AIPAC gives 2 things to politicians: money & a list of sound bites to regurgitate or they'll break their political legs. Ask Harry Reid. #

  14. Israel's right to self-defense ends where the Palestinians' right to get their stolen lands back begins. Free Gaza! #

  15. Facebook Links for: Sunday, June 6, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  16. Interview with Hamas Pt3 #

  17. Gaza: " on under $1 a day, 60% have no daily access to water,...23 of 3,900 industrial enterprises" operate. #

  18. "2000-2008, the Israeli military killed 2677 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip...11 Israelis were killed by Palestinian home-made rockets." #

  19. "...human rights activists in South Africa called the deadly raid 'Israel's Sharpeville'." #

  20. Seymour Hersh: "They're being executed [by the US] on the battlefield. It's unbelievable stuff going on there [in Afghanistan]...." #

  21. Loss of Liberty - The real story about USS Liberty PT 1 of 5 #

  22. Loss of Liberty - The real story about USS Liberty PT 5 of 5 #

  23. Loss of Liberty - The real story about USS Liberty PT 2 of 5 #

  24. Loss of Liberty - The real story about USS Liberty PT 4 of 5 #

  25. Loss of Liberty - The real story about USS Liberty PT 3 of 5 #

  26. Hero U.S. Marine Disarms Israeli Commandos #

  27. Gaza activist denies 'terrorist' tag #

  28. Planet 100: The Pacific Trash Vortex Explained #

  29. Obama's crackdown on whistleblowers targets press freedom? #

  30. Michael Moore - War Iraq US Agression chronology #

  31. Can Netanyahu act the mini-Hitler or worse and if not Netanyahu, then Avigdor Lieberman, etc.? - REAL LIBERAL CHRIST #

  32. Adie Mormech, Free Gaza Movement, speaking about Israel's crimes against Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla - RLCC #

  33. Helen Thomas has apologized. When will Mike Huckabee? Think Progress – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  34. Glenn Beck loves American Nazi sympathizers: Promotes book by prominent Hitler advocate of the 1930s: Elizabeth Dilling #

  35. Daily Hurriyet publishes photos of bloodied Israeli soldiers – Hurriyet Daily News – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  36. The Tacitus Principle: How Israel and its Apologists Defend the Indefensible - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  37. Battle for the Holocaust - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  38. "Article: Bullets and bombs are bringing destruction to foreign lands and to America," by Michael Payne - RLCC #

  39. "BEYOND THE PALE – The murder of Furkan Dogan," by Paul Jay – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  40. Racist, Apartheid Zionist Ethnic-Cleansing "Choir" Fails To Con the World - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  41. This is poor: "Was Jesus A Jew? Nope" #

  42. The Global Peace Movement, not this: "Palestinian Self Determination Speech Following Flotilla Massacre (6-5-10) - RLCC #

  43. Jon Voight, Hyper-Zionist: "Our President Has Put Israel In Harm's Way! Pro Israel Rally Los Angeles - RLCC #

  44. Ken O'Keefe accused by Israel, a bunch of idiots. "Gaza activist denies 'terrorist' tag" – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  45. Court rules Swastika is historic sign, not symbol of Nazi horrors - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  46. Putin condemned Israel's deadly commando attack on the Turkish Gaza Freedom Flotilla ship, the Mavi Marmara. It's too bad Obama is too weak. #

  47. The IDF is accusing the Turks but hasn't produced any evidence linking them to al Qaeda. Exo 20:16 לא תענה ברעך עד שׁקר׃ #

  48. I'm now following @MiddleEastMnt Middle East Monitor #

  49. "We're helping Arabs go against the US. Don't forget 9/11, guys." I don't buy the 1st part, and ways to take the 9/11 part are open-ended. #

  50. Radio transmissions supposedly between the Flotilla & Israelis are scratchy except for those mentioning Auschwitz, being anti-US, & 9/11. #

  51. knesset members attacks haneen zoabi after free gaza fortilla #

  52. Troops attack a Sunday Mass with tear gas at Beit Sahour city #

  53. I'm now following: @imemcnews Alternative news from Palestine, produced by Palestinian & International journalists #

  54. part 1 Rachel Corrie Passengers Press Conference #

  55. Hillary Clinton says Iran will "pull a stunt" over sanctions. Her neocon-Zionist stunt is to show no evidence of a nuclear-weapons program. #

  56. The mainstream so-called news media are stinking, corporatist false-propagandists. Otherwise, they'd demand proof from Hillary against Iran. #

  57. Hillary Clinton wants the OAS to reward the illegal coup in Honduras with recognition. If the OAS has brains, they'll show Hillary the door. #

  58. Fascist, racist, apartheid Zionist rabbi, Mordechai Eliyahu, who advocated genocide against Gaza, is dead. #

  59. Mordechai Eliyahu (Netanyahu praises) said, "...kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop." #

  60. The very evil Mordechai Eliyahu wanted Gazans to stop fighting to get back their stolen lands & against ethnic cleansing/war crimes, etc. #

  61. Wicked Mordechai Eliyahu is described as "a former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel...spiritual leader of the religious Zionist movement." #

  62. US VP Joe Biden continues repeating the error that Israel has the right to protect itself by boarding Gaza-bound ships. Israel is illegal! #

  63. Israel has no legal right to "protect itself" by boarding Gaza-bound ships. Israel is an illegal entity founded on lies, terrorism, theft.. #

  64. The AFP keeps repeating and repeating the Big Lie that Hamas "seized control of Gaza" when the truth remains that Hamas was duly elected. #

  65. Mahmud Abbas says he wants to reconcile with Hamas. Can Hamas trust him, or will he backslide under Zionist/US pressure and bribes again? #

  66. Okay, Recep Erdogan, now it's your turn. Sit down at the negotiating table with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and be fair and just. #

  67. Under no circumstances, will I accept an Israeli report on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. It's to be independent or worthless. Obama's a shill. #

  68. IDF position: no subpoenas or binding decisions or questioning of special forces: worthless! Obama, Biden, & Clinton are selling snake oil. #

  69. Jesus teaches that He made them male and female, and a man shall cleave to his wife. Episcopalians deny Jesus Christ's teaching. #

  70. Because the Episcopalians deny Jesus about marriage being only between male and female, the Anglican Communion must rightly oust them. #

  71. Blanche Lincoln won her runoff primary in Arkansas. Let's hope it's because she's anti-bankster & remains so. The "news" isn't on it. #

  72. Failed Zionist propaganda tries to spin Ahmadinejad's recent anti-Zionist comments as competitive toward Erdogan, but they're cooperating. #

  73. Scott Peterson, the Christian Science Monitor, uses Meir Javedanfar, "an Iran specialist in Israel," as the "Analysts". #

  74. Turkey & Iran are killing in Kurdistan, not practicing what they have been preaching at the Zionists via-a-vis the Gazans. Good neighbors? #

  75. The Kurds need to stop hitting back at the Turks too. Hitting does not promote peace. #

  76. The Free Life Party of Kurdistan needs to adopt nonviolence to sway the Iranians to grant more autonomy in Kurdish areas in Iran. #

  77. The Associated Press also uses the Big Lie tactic claiming a "violent takeover by the Islamic militant Hamas." Hamas fought an illegal coup. #

  78. If the UN sanctions Iran without proof but doesn't sanction Israel when the evidence if prima facie, there is only hypocrisy built on lies? #

  79. If the UN sanctions Iran without proof but doesn't sanction Israel when evidence if prima facie, Hillary Clinton is the daughter of the lie. #

  80. The Brazilian-Turkish-Iranian enrichment-swap wasn't accepted, but the neocons didn't seek to build upon it but just went for the jugular. #

  81. "Conservative government said it was preparing what are likely to be the deepest cuts to public spending since Thatcher was in office." Evil #

  82. Hillary Clinton let her social-democrat side peek out telling Latin America to soak their rich. It helps the US compete for rich residents. #

  83. Mundanely, if all countries "soak the rich," the rich won't have anywhere to run. The higher standard of living would be more universal. #

  84. Ecuador Pres. Correa: He's not anti capitalist, American, or imperialist but pro sovereignty, social justice, & the good life. Impossible! #

  85. The UN & African Union report that nearly 600 were killed in Darfur in May. Africa, get your house in order. #

  86. Don't be lulled by Egypt's US puppet-dictator, Hosni Mubarak. He still isn't allowing all the things the Gazans need to cross in from Egypt. #

  87. The Taliban supposedly shot down a NATO helicopter with a rocket, but from where? Are they making their own hi-tech rockets? #

  88. God is not great to Chris Hitchens because Hitchens doesn't know ____. Mis-defining God and twisting is easy. Try... #

  89. . #

  90. . #

  91. Tom Twitter is over capacity. . #

  92. Oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico due to evil: selfishness. Without selfish deeds, it would not have happened.... #

  93. Fwd: Israel's Cult of Victimhood: 'Barefoot' Soldiers on the High Seas #flotilla (via... #

  94. Fwd: Swiss vessel to join "Fleet of Freedom 2" . #gaza #flotilla (via #

  95. Sharron Angle wants to phase out Social Security for youth: no public pension. If they invest privately and it fails: Hooverville. #

  96. Facebook Links for: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  97. Shameless Israeli Knesset (Parliament) members attack MK Haneen Zoubi (Palestinian) after Gaza Freed - RLCC #

  98. Israeli Parliament Revoke Arab MK Haneen Zoubi's Rights – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  99. Israeli Troops Issue 10-day Eviction Orders To Palestinians In Jordan Valley - International Middle East Media Center #

  100. In their own words: Survivor testimonies from Gaza Freedom Flotilla - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  101. EUROPE: Flotilla Raid Fires Up Israel Lobby – IPS – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  102. TODAY IN HISTORY: USS Liberty (June 8th 1967) Original - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  103. 'Israel's Ruthless Criminality' – WRI statement on attack on Freedom Flotilla | War Resisters' International #

  104. "First they came for the Jews"? That's a False-Propaganda Ploy of Zionists – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  105. Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Ann Wright: Pirates and PR | GRITtv with Laura Flanders - REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

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