"Bagram: Obama's Guantanamo," By Jill A. Bolstridge. Ethics under the media's spotlight | RICE N PEAS

Tom Usher wrote or added | "Today, images of the Jewish Holocaust haunt us. Nations around the world have Holocaust Museums dedicated toward the suffering of the Jewish people. Countless books have been published and thousands of documentaries have been produced on the subject. Hollywood has sunken its teeth into the Holocaust, with films such as Schindler's List, Life Is Beautiful, The Devil's Arithmetic, The Reader, The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, and a plethora of others chilling movie goers around the globe for decades. Books such as The Diary of Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel's Night are a regular and essential part of school curricula in nations around the world. Always these lessons are taught with the premise of "never forget" and "making sure history will never repeat itself." Over and over the question is asked: "How could this have happened?" But apparently, we have forgotten. History is currently repeating itself. How could this have happened? The same way in which it is happening today. The illegal detainment, false imprisonment, and torture of thousands occurs on a daily basis at the hands of US aggression. How much longer will it be before these prisoners' stories become best-selling autobiographies? How much more time need pass before Hollywood capitalizes on these stories and movie audiences are chilled to the bone by images of these 'enemy combatants' in prisons not too dissimilar from those of Nazi concentration camps we have all come to be horrified by? Only swift and decisive action by the current US administration can put an end to these atrocities. Much like with the Jewish Holocaust, history will not be kind to the perpetrators of such action. It may soon come to pass that the US's own military personnel will await the same fate as those Nazi concentration camp and SS officers who stood trial after the liberation in 1945. Only time will tell." 1st December 2009
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