Bill Halter's Arkansas Senate Loss Represents A Setback For Progressive Kingmakers

Tom Usher wrote or added | Oh, the left-wing of the Democratic Party is so upset about Blanche Lincoln's win that they can't see straight.

Look, Lefties, you have Blanche Lincoln and the rest close to where you want them, but you're blinded by her past bad votes and by the White House's stupid taunting of you. Blanche Lincoln and the Democratic Party and Barack Obama could really use you to help Blanche Lincoln win.

Hello, you get their signatures on whatever you want within "reason."

Look, the anti-bankster proposal put forth by Lincoln needs support. The lack of that regulation has ruined everything. It's now threatening Social Security and Medicare.

Stop being so myopic and wrapped up in the minutia of he said, she said. Go in. Get a deal in writing where it's clear that if they burn you, then you leave and burn the bridge behind you.

Here's one thing you could require to campaign for Lincoln with all the stops pulled out, you name the new White House Chief of Staff. Well, okay, Obama won't agree to that (yet), but come up with some solid things you want but that Lincoln won't have to run on appearing to be too "liberal" for the Arkansas voters.

Wow, am I ever glad I'm not invested emotionally, financially, or spiritually in this mundane politics crap; but you guys are railing about the corporatists when what they want is to defeat Lincoln, who is somewhat invested in the derivatives bill. If you don't beat the banksters, all the single-payer or public options and other "left" causes in the world won't amount to a tinker's damn anyway.

The White House is making deals with the banksters to get Lincoln the huge support ($) she will need to have a reasonable chance of winning. For one, she can back off her anti-bankster bill in exchange — not what you want to happen. She can make other promises giving away the store as well — whatever it takes if she's going to be the all-politician you seem to think that she is. Your deal has to be easier for Obama to swallow, which shouldn't be too difficult since he knows he's losing you and will listen.


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