Dana Rohrabacker's Huge Lies about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, claims: "World's Outcry has been Deafe

Dana Rohrabacker's Huge Lies about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, claims: "World's Outcry has been Deafe

Tom Usher wrote or added | This US Representative Dana Rohrabacker (R-CA) is telling many lies here not the least of which is that the Gaza Freedom Flotilla ships were opposed to inspections for weapons. The Free Gaza Movement has been very clear on this subject and the people on the Flotilla were clear that they would gladly submit to UN "customs" or "weapons" inspections but that the Zionists have no right to withhold regular go goods (including cement to rebuild their infrastructure destroyed by the illegal attack, a war crime, called Operation Cast Lead) and services and freedom of movement in and out of Gaza and Palestine.

This fork-tongued Rohrabacker completely ignores that "Israel" was founded on lies, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, land theft, and more and that those same tactics are continuing, as Israel continues its illegal, immoral, aggressive, belligerent, expansionist agenda in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Dana Rohrabacker is telling huge falsehoods in his speech. He knows full well that it was Israel that broke the ceasefire with Hamas. Only people living under rocks on this subject matter are unaware that Hamas had stopped firing all rockets and had even gone after rogue elements in Gaza that were refusing to obey Hamas's deal with Israel for the ceasefire. While that ceasefire was being strictly observed by Hamas, Israel failed to keep it's end of the bargain. Israel failed to honor its commitment (nothing new there) to lift checkpoint constrictions on supplies that the Zionists had reduced to as little as 15% of the regular and necessary minimum flow. Israel was also still invading to kidnap people and to destroy houses, businesses, orphanages, schools, crops and to do other provocative evils.

He goes on to accuse those who killed no one, but who could have very easily, of holding themselves out as total pacifists. The Israelis and Rohrabacker knew that there were Muslims on the ships. Muslims are not total pacifists. Total passivity is against their religion. Rohrabacker keeps using the term "peace activists" as synonymous with total pacifists. They are not synonyms. A person can be an activist for peace and/or be a professing humanitarian while not being a total pacifist. Many on the flotilla, as the Israelis knew because the Israelis had been closely monitoring all the news about them and had even sabotaged at least two boats that I know of, said that they would physically defend their cargo from being illegally seized by Israel.

He calls Israeli commandos who killed at least nine people and wounded some 30 more, many of whom were completely unarmed, "the heroes of the day." What a twister this Rohrabacker is. He has a cold, hard, small heart to be saying such a thing. Israeli commandos were disarmed and then released by the passengers who could have easily killed them had they been so inclined. He has the gall to tell the world to "seek truth on this issue." How will he escape damnation? He is preaching from his love of Zionist money.

This situation is totally unacceptable and must and will stop. Dana Rohrabacker is being no better here than the serpent of scripture. Repent, Rohrabacker. Take back your lies.

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